10 Things You Can Do At Home To Improve Sleep

As you may already know, sleep plays a vital role in our health and well-being. It is just as important as eating and exercising. Getting the right amount of quality sleep is a very important factor to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  In order to properly function our bodies are wired to sleep for the correct … Read more

How To Choose The Right Electric Scooter For You

Electric scooters are growing in popularity. And it is not just a passing trend. We can expect them to stay and become part of everyone’s life. Just as smartphones and personal computers, they are here to stay and they will change our lives. The reasons are more than obvious – electric scooters are an ingenious … Read more

10 Golden Rules Of Riding An Electric Scooter​, explained.

You might not like rules. But do you like needles, stitches and casts? We guess not. So, better be safe than sorry, right?  Easy to say! When the electric scooters are gaining so much popularity flooding the streets of urban areas and more people taste the sweet fun of riding them it’s easy to get … Read more

Best 5 Electric Scooter Helmets To Buy In 2019


The truth is that while electric scooters have become more and more popular, for obvious reasons, the number of accidents grew exponentially. This happened to the extent that the authorities have begun to issue stricter laws regarding helmet wearing. So if you are caught riding without a helmet you will probably be fined, in most of the cities. Would that be enough to motivate you to start using a helmet? Maybe it would.

From Toys To Vehicles – A Brief History Of Electric Kick Scooters

Some people think The Flintstones invented the kick scooters. Others believe they were brought to us by aliens. While we don’t want to spoil anybody’s imagination we have decided to shed a little light on the matter by conducting a brief study on the origins and history of the electric scooters.  We hope you’ll find … Read more