4 Easy Tips On How To Ride An Electric Bike In The City

4 Easy Tips On How To Ride An Electric Bike In The City

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For the past few years, electric bike sales have skyrocketed across Europe and North America. Its worldwide success resulted in the massive production of e-bikes that are frequently seen on our roads. These electric-powered bicycles running on the sidewalks or designated lanes have been dominating the transportation world so learning how to ride an electric bike in the city has become an important discussion.

Although electric bikes might seem a little sophisticated at first glance, using one is an entirely different thing. It’s as easy as riding a regular bike, where you have the options to either pedal your way through or use the throttle to utilize the e-bike’s motor exclusively to propel.

Most people who own electric bikes use them as their primary transportation mode when going to work or school. Now here is where the problem with road sharing comes in.

Although there are designated bike lanes or pathways for electric and conventional bicycles, larger vehicles sometimes take over these spaces, so being cautious, especially while on the road, is very important.

And to help you ensure there is fun and safety on your next city trip, here are some guides you might want to consider!


1. Charge Your Ebike Battery

Charging Ebike electric bike

Taking a casual ride anywhere with an empty battery defeats the purpose of having an electric bike. So make sure that your battery is sufficiently charged for your upcoming trip to the city.

Even though you have the option to pedal just like in a typical bicycle, remember that ebikes are much heavier than them, so try your best to charge your ebike to 100% before heading out.

When investing in an electric bike, make sure that you choose one with a high-grade lithium-ion battery. This will ensure your trips are more extended than substandard ones. You don’t want to invest all your energy just in pedaling because of low-range batteries! 

2. Survey The Area or Route To Your Destination

Route Map In the City electric bike

Having a general survey about the area and route before heading out to your marked destination should be made as much as possible. This is to ensure your safety and your ebike’s as well.

Since electric bikes are generally expensive, cases of e-bikes being stolen are prevalent, especially in urban places. Therefore, have a general look at your destination first and find safe parking spaces for bikes when you finally take on the trip.

And make sure you have strong, anti-theft locks for your precious ebikes! This adds up to your e-bike’s security.

Another thing is the path to your marked destination. When you’re living outside the city premises, you might have to take roads that are heavily congested with other larger vehicles.

Searching for a more safe alternative route to the city would be better for your safety. If there is none, wearing protective gear and staying on your designated lane to avoid these massive vehicles can already mean a lot.

3. Make Sure Your E-Bike is Well Maintained

Make Sure Your E Bike is Well Maintained electric bike

Electric bikes are not much of a complicated thing. They are, in fact, just as easy to maintain as regular bikes. Some things you should not forget are applying oil to the chains once or twice a month, inflating your tires to the recommended pressure, and checking your brakes now and then.

For electric and complex system-related parts, trust your ebike shops on these. You probably know a thing or two on how to fix and maintain them, but it’s always better to consult the experts about these matters.

E-bike tune-up is one of the essential things you should do with your electric bike. It includes all brakes, wheels, drivetrain, and bearing system adjustments and may also involve inspection and clearing of electrical components. Tuning up your ebike is indeed one of the musts before taking it out for a ride.

4. Wear Essential Protective Cycling Gears

Wear Essential Protective Cycling Gears electric bike

Being extra cautious goes a long way for your safety on the road. Wearing the necessary protective gear such as a fitted helmet, knee pads, and gloves for a tighter grip on the handlebars is just some of the basic stuff you should wear.

Also, having accessories for your ebike like front and rear reflectors or LED lights, a bright headlight, and reflective tapes for you and your bike frame. These are all helpful in making you more visible if you go out for a late-night trip.

Key Takeaway

Man riding folding electric bicycle in the city

Going for at least an hour of casual city ride is already of great importance to your mental and physical health. Not only does cycling with an electric bike take you to your destinations quickly, but it also helps the environment by being an efficient and zero-emission (its by-products do not produce pollutants) mode of transport.

So whenever you take your electric bike outside for a spin, don’t forget these four simple tips we provided for you. At the end of the day, your safety should always be your utmost concern.

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