Amazing Summer Accessories for Your Electric Scooter

summer scooter accessories

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Good weather is just around the corner, and now is the best time to grab one of these accessories for your electric scooter and be ready for when you can ride more often. 

These accessories for your electric scooter will enhance the experience on your scooter and help you either carry your items, keep you safer and make a statement.

Summer makes electric scooter riding even more fun than usual, and having one or more of these handy accessories will enhance an already great experience!

9 Summer Accessories for Your Electric Scooter

Accmor Water Bottle Holder 

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Don’t leave home without enough water to keep yourself hydrated!  There are certain summer accessories you will need for your electric scooter, and a bottle holder is one of them. 

The Accmor quick release bottle cage is made from plastic steel and most standard-sized water bottles will fit in the bottle holder.

Adjustable, and being able to rotate 360 degrees, there are no tools needed to attach the Accmor, and it will mount in seconds.

Choose to mount the bottle holder vertically or horizontally. You can use the Accmor on an electric scooter, bicycles, strollers and motorcycles. 

Tesinll LED Screen Backpack

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A backpack is an essential electric scooter accessory, and this is not your run-of-the-mill backpack! This high-quality laptop backpack from Tesinll has an LED full-color screen that can display your favorite text pictures and animations. 

Just plug the backpack into a power bank, download the app and use it to enter the words or graphics you want to display on the backpack. You can also upload pictures. 

Not only is this backpack unique, it is ideal to carry all that you need while you are commuting on your scooter. Carry your laptop, and tablet, your wallet, phone and accessories. 

TOMALL Handlebar Extension Bar

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Accessories for electric scooters can come in handy, and this little extra is exactly what you need for your electric scooter. Most standard handlebars are just that…standard. 

They don’t give you an extra inch for the items that make your ride easier. Tomall handlebar extender gives you the space to clip on a map frame or a rack for your mobile, especially handy when you are using GPS. Add a horn to notify others who are slower than you!

Made of high quality and ultra-light aluminum alloy the anodized surface of the handlebar extender is corrosion resistant. 

KRTYLYT Wrist Band Rear View Mirror

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Designed to wear on your wrist, the KRTYLYT bike mirror will help you to keep you safe by giving you the ability to see what is coming up behind you. 

It saves precious space on your handle bars, and you can use the mirror whether you are on your scooter, your bike or motorcycle. 

When wearing the mirror on your wrist, you have better control over road vibrations, and can hold the mirror steady to see what is behind. 

Wear on either wrist, or as the KRTYLYT is inexpensive, get one for both wrists.

Glodorm Universal Bag Claw Hook

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When you need an extra something to hold your items, the Goldorm hanger does the job for you. Your backpack might be full or it is the type of items that you don’t want to shove in your pack. 

Hang a water bottle, a bag of groceries or any other items and keep your hands free for driving your scooter. 

With rubber pads on the hanger, the hook won’t slip or scratch the pole of your scooter. The Goldorm works on all kinds of electric scooters

SUHAPPY Wall Storage Hanger Hook

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B08P6K2FML&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=nobleurban 20&language=en US electric bike


So what do you do with your scooter when you are not riding it? You get tired of leaning it against the wall or trying to stuff it in the closet. 

This escooter accessory will solve that problem. The perfect solution is to have a storage unit on the wall that holds your scooter until the next time you need it. 

Great for in your apartment, in a foyer or corner of your living room. Hang your scooter vertically with the Suhappy hanger and keep your scooter out of the way, yet protected until the next ride. 

lixin Scooter Protection Strip

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You want to keep your scooter looking the best that you can and keep it from dings and scratches that are bound to happen during everyday use. 

You will be riding your scooter more often with good weather coming, and escooter summer accessories help keep your scooter looking good. Using the linxin protection strip on the deck of your scooter will keep it from sustaining damage. 

Made of a high quality rubber stip material, this protection strip is easy to install and this bumper strip will keep your electric scooter protected by acting like a shock absorber. 

CYCL Winglights For Scooters

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Install these winglights on the sides of your electric scooter handlebars; each arrow light is equipped with 4 LEDs for brightness. These Cycl light indicators are water resistant and impact resistant, too. 

Made of high quality aluminum and compatible with any straight or curved handlebar with an internal diameter between 14.9 mm and 22 mm. 

While you may have a rear and front tail light, the LED lights on the ends of your handlebars provide an added and important measure of protection, especially in low light conditions. 

Give yourself the edge at night with the added brightness of these Italian made safety winglights. 

WOOPOWER Carrying Basket for Electric Scooter

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This carrying unit will sit on the front of your electric scooter and hold those extra items with up to 5 L of capacity. 

The pouch hangs on the handlebars, with rubber coated hooks so there is no need for installation, and the hanging hooks take up little to no space on the handlebars themselves. 

The pouch is made of oxford fabric, a moisture-resistant nylon. The pouch has a zippered top that helps keep items clean and protected as you travel on your scooter. 

This is perfect for those times when you need a bit more help in carrying items on your scooter while keeping them clean and protected.. 

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