5 Best Scooter Storage Solutions

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Your electric scooter has become an integral part of your urban life and you would not want to be without it. Not only does it help you get around a congested city, electric scooters are an eco-friendly choice for transportation. 

When not in use, some riders slide their scooter under the bed, or fold it down and stow it in a closet. Others find it just as easy to park it in the hall or behind the front door. That being said, there are times when you would like to have a storage solution for your scooter that also fits into your life. 

There are a couple of options for storing your electric scooter that should suit your purpose and we have listed 5 of them here. At the end of this article, we will also give you some tips on how to store your scooter long term, or over the winter. 

#1 Coherny Wall Hanging Hook, Scooters and Bicycles Storage system

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Strong and sturdy, the Coherny Wall Hanging System is made of high strength steel. This storage system will hold up to 50 lbs. Hanging your scooter vertically will save you space in your apartment or house. If you hang it in a corner, your scooter will take up almost no space, which is great if your living space is limited.  

#2 HEALTH LINE PRODUCT Bikes & Scooters(4 RACKS)

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Perfect for a hallway, if you have both a bike and a scooter, this rack will hold up to four vehicles. It also has a place to hold your gear so that everything is all in one place. This free-standing rack is made from steel and is coated black. This rack will work great without installing hooks or screws into walls. 

# 3 Amazon.com : Rhinowalk Scooter Carrying Bag Portable Scooter Storage Bag 

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If you want to stow your scooter and keep it from getting dusty, or if you want to take it along on a trip, this carrying bag will be the ticket. Made from 600D Oxford fabric, this carrying case is waterproof and wear resistant. It has both right and left double zippers and will stow most electric scooter models. There is also a front zipper pocket where you can keep your charger.

# 4 Amazon.com: 50 Strong Scooter Stand – Fits Most Scooters with 95mm to 125mm Wheels – Interlocking Design with Extra Stable Base 

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Rather than leaning your scooter against the wall and marking up the wall, use one of these stands to store the scooter when not in use. A simple solution, the stand will keep your electric scooter from wear and tear it would get from falling over. If you have more than one scooter, these stands interlock, so you can put two or more together. Made from heavy-duty plastic, this stand will keep your scooter upright and out of harm’s way. 

# 5 Great Working Tools Kayak Storage – Kayak Stand or Kayak Hanging Hoist 

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This is one of those “it has more than one use” storage systems. Designed for kayaks, this hanging system would also keep your scooter off the limited real estate you have, and keep it stowed safely for the winter months. Using a pulley system, this lift can raise and hold up to 125 lbs, much more than an electric scooter would ever weigh. The hooks are coated in anti-scratch rubber that will not mar the scooter. If you need to keep your scooter up and out of the way, the rope and pulley system does the work for you. 

Steps To Take If You Are Storing Your Scooter Long Term

If you are needing to store your electric scooter over the winter or a long period of time, there are certain steps to take to prepare your scooter. 

Step 1: Store in a clean, dry place.

The area you store your scooter in long term needs to be, above all, dry. Any moisture or an area that will create condensation will be detrimental to your scooter. Choose an area that is as close to room temperature as possible, with no extreme high or low temperatures. Storing it on a balcony, grandma’s attic or a friend’s garage will spell disaster long term.

Step 2: Store the battery separate. 

At the end of your riding season, or before storing your electric scooter for an extended time, remove the battery. It is essential that you never let your battery completely run out of charge. This will cause irreversible damage to the battery. Store your battery at about 40 – 50% capacity and check it periodically throughout the storage period. While it may seem counter-intuitive, it is not a good thing to store your battery 100% charged. This causes a loss of lifespan. Once a month, check your battery and charge it (if needed) up to 60%. That will keep it between the 40 – 60% that is ideal for storage. As with the scooter itself, keep the battery somewhere where it is room temperature at all times and away from moisture.  

Step 3: Clean your scooter before storing.

Just like your mom would tell you, don’t put it away dirty! Clean off any dirt and while you are at it, look for corrosion or anything else that may need maintenance. Check the pressure in the tires if you have pneumatic tires and look for wear or damage to the tires. If you see any areas of the scooter that need repair, so that before you store it. We all think that we will have more time “later” but later never comes. Have the scooter cleaned, repaired and ready before you store it. You will be glad you did when it comes time to ride again. 

Step 4: Check the scooter periodically.

Although you have taken all the right steps, check on the scooter from time to time. You just never know when something unexpected might happen, like a leak in the ceiling over where your scooter is stored. You will be checking the battery once a month, use that time to also check on the scooter itself, just to make sure all is well.

Final Thoughts

An electric scooter is relatively easy to maintain. It is not like a car that requires continued and costly maintenance. Keeping on top of the things that do need checking will keep your scooter in top shape and you on the road. When you do need to give your ride an extended break, use one of the storage methods we have suggested to keep it safe and secure until you ride again.

DIY Storage Shed

If you have the space and ability to put up a small storage shed, this article from Scootering Magazine shows you how. The DIY secure storage is relatively small,and might fit nicely on a patio or balcony. 

While the shed would be good for parking your scooter, it might not be the best storage option if you need to store your scooter long term, as there would be fluctuations in temperature inside the shed. Still, it might be handy for everyday use. 

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