Best Electric Scooter Rechargeable LED Headlights, Front and Back

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Keeping yourself safe while riding your electric scooter takes a bit of planning and equipment like an electric scooter rechargeable frontlight. 

Being seen by vehicles is one of the Electric Scooter Driving Challenges, and other electric scooter operators also need to be aware of your presence.

Bike LED rechargeable lights are the perfect and inexpensive solution to the problem. 

Portable, water-resistant, rechargeable, and practical, one of these five bike light sets will be the ideal way to help keep yourself safe.


#1 Ascher USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set

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The beauty of the Ascher headlight and taillight are the silicone mount straps designed to make installation a snap! 

No tools are required to fit the straps around most handlebars, seat posts, and seat risers. 

The rubber straps stretch to fit around the scooter or bike tubing, and you can place the lights to their best advantage on your scooter. 

Easy on and easy off makes these lights a breeze to use. They are perfect for an electric scooter to make others aware of your presence during your commute.

Both the round front and rear headlights are rechargeable with a built-in 650mAh lithium battery. 

Use the included micro USB cable to your AC adapter, a wall socket, or any active computer. You can even charge the lights from your iPad or smartphone.

Four light modes for both white front and red rear lights give you the choice of full brightness, half brightness, and fast and slow flashing. 

The battery will last about four hours on full brightness, but reviewers on Amazon stated that they lasted longer than that.

While these are made for use on a scooter or bike, according to reviewers on Amazon, they work great on a dog’s collar for walking at night to make the dog more visible to traffic and other pedestrians. 

They have also found them useful for placing on biking helmets too.

The set comes with a front and rear light, two USB cables, and four mounting straps. 

Should you need to purchase additional straps, you can do so at: Ascher Bike Silicone Mount Band Pack of Four


# 2 Asher Ultra Bright

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Another great product from Asher, the Ultra Bright front headlight and taillight, is like the big brother to the Asher scooter and bike light set. 

This set has a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery for the headlight and a 330mAh rechargeable lithium battery for the tail light.

Again, this handy design for installation means that there are no tools needed for mounting the headlight and taillight to your scooter. 

The silicone mounting strap has been designed with four openings so that the strap can be fit around most posts. 

Both the head and tail light can be fastened and removed quickly and easily. The front light is a tubular white light, and the rear is a vertical red light with five LED chips. 

Use this set when you are cycling or riding your electric scooter, especially at night when it will give you excellent visibility to others. 

You can choose from four lighting modes, full brightness, half brightness, fast, and slow flashing. 

The headlight is versatile, too. Take it hiking or camping as an emergency flashlight. 

You can secure the red tail light to your backpack, helmet, or on your dog’s collar to be able to keep track of your pup. 

Charge the battery using the USB cable to a wall socket or active USB port. When charging, the LED indicator will show red and will turn green when fully charged.


# 3 Victagen USB Rechargeable Bike Light

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The Victagen is a super bright white headlight with 2400 lumens that will show you the way up to 300 yards in front of you. 

Made from military-grade aluminum alloy, the body of the light is strong and shock-resistant. 

The durable bracket will fit most bikes and will work on your electric scooter. It does not require any tools to mount the bracket but has a tightening toggle on the bracket. 

A one-touch switch will give you four modes, high, medium, low, and strobe. The red tail light features three modes, high, fast flash, and slow flash. 

The batteries are rechargeable by plugging them into a USB port. Great for use in all kinds of weather, the Victagen is waterproof. 

Use the tail light with its multi-use clip to secure it to your backpack, helmet, or on your belt when jogging or hiking. With its wide-angle lens, you can use it as an emergency flashlight, too.


# 4 Cincred USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set

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Rated to IPX5, the Cincred has protection from splashing water from any angle, which will be great if you get caught in the rain while riding. 

Made from aluminum, the casing of this headlight will not rust or corrode. 

One-touch switch on the white light headlight will give you four lighting modes; full brightness, half brightness, and fast and slow flashing. 

The red tail light will also give you full and half brightness along with fast and slow flashing. 

The universal mount fits almost all types of bikes, including electric scooters, mountain, road, hybrid, city bikes, and kids bikes. 

You can install the light set in seconds without the use of tools. You could also use the Cincred on your ebike. 

Because the Cincred is splash-proof, some users have placed it on their snowblower for those early mornings or late night clearing of snow. 

The rechargeable batteries take about two hours to fully charge using a USB cable and any active device or wall socket. The rear tail light uses CR2032 batteries that come with the set.


# 5 Gyhuego Bike Light USB Rechargeable

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The Gyhuego bike light can also be used as a flashlight or a power bank. 

In case you lost power to your phone while you were riding, you can use the Gyhuego to charge your phone, which makes for a nice safety feature. 

With a strong 18650 rechargeable battery and an output of 4000 lumens, you will be able to see 1640 feet ahead of you. 

The headlight will give you a high beam, low beam, and strobe. There is the option to change to high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS mode. 

The red horizontal tail light will give you a strong, a Marquee 1, flash, Marquee 2, and breathing mode. 

Easy to install, you will be able to secure the Gyhuego in a matter of minutes with no tools needed. 

The mount will let you rotate the headlamp 360 degrees. Recharge using the included USB cable for both the head and tail light.

Fits most electric scooters and bikes, including road, mountain, and kids bikes. 


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