9 Scooter Bags That Are Stylish AND Functional

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The majority of the time that you are riding your scooter, you are going to need some type of bag to put your items in. Even if it is just going around the block, you will still need a bit of storage. We have compiled some very stylish backpacks and a couple “on the scooter” bags that will enable you to take along the essentials and look good at the same time!

# 1 Segway Travel Laptop Backpack 

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Segway Ninebot knows how to make it easy for you to travel, and their laptop backpack is no exception. Made from lightweight, water resistant polyester fabric, this stylish backpace will hold a Macbook or laptop that measures up to 15.6 inches. The front compartment can store your phone, keys or other important items. Padded back straps make it a comfortable fit when wearing it as you ride your scooter. Side pockets keep your water bottle or other items at the ready. The yellow reflective fabric on the backpack helps keep you visible in low light conditons. While this backpack is designed to be convenient when riding, it would also make the ideal carryon when you take to the skies. 

# 2 Segway Backpack Water Resistant Anti Theft Shoulder Bag

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Made with water-resitant material, this multifunctional backpack from Segway can hold laptops up to 15.6 inches. The bag also has smart shielding, which will prevent most private information on your bank cards from being stolen and used. The convenient size makes it perfect for a carry on, too. With a stylish look that works for business or everyday, this multifunctional backpack has a moisture wicking back panel to allow for fast heat dissipation while you are riding. The two way zipper makes it easy to access your items when you need them. 

# 3 Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port,Slim Travel Backpack 

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This travel backpack goes the extra mile for you by being able to carry most everything you would need, even if you were spending the night elsewhere. With enough room to hold your computer, books, some clothes and all the other paraphernalia of life it makes it easy for you. With a built-in USB charger outside and a built-in charging cable inside, you will have an easy and convenient way to charge your phone while riding your scooter. The inside compartments keep your items organized and easy to reach. Store your valuables in the anti-theft back pocket of the bag where they will be safer. There are pen pockets and a key fob hook, too. The padded shoulder straps make it comfortable to wear and there is a luggage strap that allows the backpack to slide over luggage handles. There is a lot to like about this handy backpack, including that it comes in two sizes and ten colors.

# 4 Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack 

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You will love the look of this trendy backpack as much as you will like all of its features. It has a USB charging port for your phone and roomy compartments to carry everything you need wherever you go. A padded device compartment keeps your laptop secure and protected and the smaller front pocket will hold an iPad and all your additional items. The padded straps have a mesh underside to help keep you comfortable while riding your scooter. This vintage-looking backpack comes in three colors.

# 5 High Capacity Canvas Vintage Backpack 

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The timeless look of this canvas backpack is a fun and stylish way to carry your necessities while riding your electric scooter. Made from high density cotton canvas with genuine leather trim, the craftsmanship will ensure you will be able to use it for years to come. Two sizes, medium and large, and five colors to choose from give you options for your needs. Plenty of pockets with sturdy zippers will keep your items organized and safely stowed. You will be able to fit a laptop in the large bag that is between 12 and 15.6 inches. There is also a back anti-theft pocket on the back of the bag. This canvas backpack will never go out of style!

# 6 Business Laptop Backpack Anti-Theft 

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Keep your items safe with this anti-theft backpack that has a password lock. This bag will hold all you need for your commute and will give you ample space for your laptop, phone, iPad, wallet, books and a spare change of clothes. Comfortable while on your scooter, the wide adjustable straps won’t dig into your shoulders as you ride. The built-in USB charger with built-in charger inside the bag will give you the ability to charge our phone enroute. Made from water resistant and durable Oxford fabric, this backpack is available in six colors.  

# 7 Orvilly Laptop Backpack 

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Less than one pound, this Orvilly backpack will be light in weight and look good while commuting on your scooter. Made from water resistant polyester, the fabric is breathable which helps keep you comfortable. You will be able to hold up to a 14 inch laptop along with other supplies. The front pocket is great for your phone and wallet and two side pockets will hold an umbrella or water bottles. Choose from four colors and a floral pattern in this stylish bag. 

# 8 Rhinowalk Bike Handlebar Bag

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Maybe you would like something smaller for short commutes or those times when you don’t need a full backpack. Or maybe you need both a backpack pack and another bag as well. This twill fabric bag has buckles on both sides that attach to the handle bar of your scooter, but it also comes with an additional shoulder strap. There are three adjustable rail systems that keep the bag in place as you ride. This bag is large enough to carry an iPad, camera, phone and has a water bottle holder on the side. The bag comes in black, gray or dusty rose. 

# 9 WILD MAN Hard Shell Rainproof Scooter Storage Bag 

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Made from EVA material this storage case has a “rubber-like” softness and flexibility. The material makes the case crack resistant and resistant to UV radiation. Because of this protection, it is a great case for your phone, charger, cords and keys. Very lightweight, the storage bag has mesh pocket dividers inside to keep your items secure. Adjustable straps make this bag easy to install on your scooter.

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