Best Alternatives to Xiaomi Portable Air Compressor for Electric Scooters

alternative to xiaomi portable air compressor

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The Xiaomi portable air compressor is one of your options for airing up an electric scooter tire that needs it. There are other best portable air compressors available on the market, too, for your consideration.

Portable compressors for electric scooters are essential for all riders of scooters, bicycles, and motorcycles. An electric scooter air compressor can keep you on the road and save you a whole lot of aggravation.

An affordable air compressor should be part of every electric scooter rider’s arsenal. Small portable air compressors for electric scooters are inexpensive, lightweight, and designed to be easy to use.

We have listed some of the best alternatives to the Xiaomi air compressor for electric scooters. They will be an excellent tool to take along whenever you are riding your scooter.

6 Alternatives to the Xiaomi Portable Air Compressor

Nasser Air Compressor

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Made from stainless steel, the Oasser portable air compressor has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. It also supports an AC DC adapter, 110V at home, and a 12 V in your car.

The LCD digital pressure gauge has a backlight, and you can preset tire pressure. The maximum inflatable pressure is 150 psi, making it suitable for bicycles, motorcycles, and small and medium cars.

This mini electric inflatable pump comes with four different nozzles to inflate tires, swimming toys, and balls. The digital LCD pressure gauge will let you know the internal pressure of the object you are inflating.

  • It comes with various nozzles and adaptors
  • Can inflate 3 car tires at one time
  • Can inflate 20 bicycle tires at one time
  • Users found it was too heavy to carry along in a pocket
  • Not for use with trucks

CYCPLUS Mini Inflator Electric Pump

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This handy mini electric air pump has a maximum pressure of 150 psi, which will enable you to inflate or add air to your car, motorcycle, scooters, bicycles, and balls or swimming toys.

The Cyprus air inflator uses a rechargeable li-ion battery. You can also use the mini inflator as a power bank for Android and IOS devices.

Another handy feature on the mini inflator is the built-in LED light that can provide up to 7 hours of light at 80 lumens.

The Cyprus offers a separate bike mounting kit to install on your bike and enables you to take the mini inflator wherever you go easily. 

  • Has 4 unit values, PSI, BAR, KPA, and Kg/cm2
  • The charging time for the unit is 2.5 hours
  • Built-in LED light for emergencies
  • It can take a long time after about 45psi to complete inflation

ICARMAINT Portable Mini Tire Inflator

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Charmaine has upgraded their tire inflator with a new, more powerful motor and a 3000mAh built-in rechargeable lithium battery.

You will be able to inflate 3 car times, 16 bicycle or scooter tires, or 40 basketballs before you need to charge the pump again.

This sturdy inflator will give you up to 120 psi airflow so that you can inflate a bicycle tire from 0 psi to 50 psi within two minutes.

The LCD has a progress bar that will show you pressure changes. The handy LED light includes 3 lighting modes to illuminate and make it easier to inflate a tire in the dark.

You can preset the inflator’s pressure value, and once it reaches that value, the inflator will stop automatically.

  • It comes with a carrying bag
  • It has a built-in light
  • It can be hard to see in daylight. It is slow to inflate items.

Jansite 3000mAh Cordless Tire Inflator

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Easy and quick to use, just power on the Jan site cordless tire inflator, preset the pressure, and start inflation. The process will automatically shut off when the preset pressure is reached. 

The maximum inflatable pressure is 150 psi, which makes it ideal for inflating tires on bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, and small and medium cars. Its compact size of 2.16 x 1.76 x 7.79 inches, makes it perfect for carrying with you or attaching to your electric scooter.

The Jan site cordless mini electric inflatable pump has four kinds of unit values, PSI, BAR, KPA, and KPA/cm2.

The mini inflatable has two LED lights that can be switched independently to provide you with convenient emergency lighting at night. The LCD digital display has a backlight, making it easy to read the digital even when you are inflating at night.

The Jan site provides you with 1 year of customer support.

  • It comes with a carrying bag
  • All four nozzles are stored on the unit for convenience
  • The LED light will operate for 7 hours
  • Great for scooters, bikes, and inflatables, but not for SUV’s

Passing Portable Air Compressor

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Passing produces auto parts and related tools, and one of those tools is the mini portable air compressor. The mini tire inflator has a high-performance all-copper motor that uses the same type of battery as Tesla.

The 3000mAh battery will inflate for 10 minutes; then, it will need recharging. When you use the preset tire pressure, the unit will automatically stop charging to prevent overcharging and undercharging.

The Passage has an emergency light that has 80 lumens that will run for 10 hours. You can charge the battery through the USB cable, which makes it easy to recharge.

  • Easy to use
  • Convenient built-in pressure gauge
  • Compact, easy to take with you
  • The automatic inflation stop does not always stop in time, which means you will need to release some air.

EDISON Rechargeable Air Compressor Pump

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B08DY22Z2G&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=nobleurban 20&language=en US electric bike


Sedison has introduced a new version of their portable tire inflator with a built-in rechargeable 2000mAh lithium battery.

The ergonomic design and anti-slip body make it easy to hold and operate. With a user-friendly interface, the Sedison is easy to take with you, compact to store, and simple to use.

Set the value you would like on the pump, and the air pump will automatically stop inflating when it reaches your preset value and avoid over-inflating.

This wireless air pump is ideal for small cars, electric scooters, motorcycles, kayaks, inflatable beds, basketballs, footballs, and inflatable toys.

Easy to recharge, the Sedison has a USB type-C charging port. The inflator has an emergency light that will last for 7 hours, making it easy to inflate during low light or night.

  • Inflates a scooter tire 20 times before you need to recharge
  • Can charge using a USB charging port
  • Some users feel the buttons are “soft” and don’t engage properly
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