Gotrax XR Ultra vs. Hiboy S2 Pro. A Noble Comparison.


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There are many brands of electric scooters on the market, and some look flashy and appealing. It can be hard to know which one is the best to purchase.

We will take a look at two of the top electric scooters, the Gotrax AR Ultra and the Hiboy S2Pro, and compare the two to see if one stands out over the other.

So is there a clear winner between the two?

The Range of The Gotrax XR Ultra vs. Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooters

Copy of Gotrax XR Ultra vs. Hiboy S2 Pro RANGE 1 electric bike

One of the most important factors when choosing an electric scooter for commuting is the range of that scooter. It goes without saying that the last thing you want is to get stranded because you ran out of juice or that you have to charge it up every five miles.

When a manufacturer states that their electric scooter will get X number of miles per fully charged battery, that range is contingent on certain factors. 

Those factors include riding on a level surface and not running other energy-draining features, such as lights, or riding at the max speed.

The Gotrax has a range of 17 miles on a full battery. The Gotrax also employs a smart battery management system that ensures battery safety and extends battery life.

According to the manufacturer, the Hiboy has a range of up to 25.6 miles. They do add the caveat that this is under specific conditions but do not list those conditions.

The Weight Of The Gotrax XR Ultra vs. Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooters

Copy of Gotrax XR Ultra vs. Hiboy S2 Pro WEIGHT electric bike

The weight of the electric scooter you choose will be an essential factor if you need to tote it during your journey. Whether it be on a bus, train, or into the office, or even upstairs to your apartment, the weight will matter, especially at the end of the day. 

You will, most times, be toting items other than just the scooter; you will most likely have a backpack, too. So while a heavier electric scooter tends to be more durable, it is a factor to consider if you have to lug the scooter yourself.

The Gotrax weighs in at a reasonably manageable 27.5 pounds. While this is not lightweight, it is going to be what you should expect in an electric scooter that will go the distance. 

The Hiboy, on the other hand, weighs in at a beefy 36.3 pounds. This weight testifies to the scooter’s sturdiness but would make a difference if you have to carry it for any distance, as it is almost 10 pounds more than the Gotrax.

The Carrying Weight Of The Gotrax XR Ultra vs. Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooters

Copy of Gotrax XR Ultra vs. Hiboy S2 Pro CARRYING WEIGHT electric bike

The payload amount that an electric scooter can carry will include ALL of the weight on the scooter. If a manufacturer says that their scooter will carry 100 pounds, that means the rider and any items like a full backpack. 

The weight of items can be deceiving. Most riders carry some sort of backpack or tote. The best way to know just how much that backpack weighs is to fill it with what you usually carry and weigh it. 

It is important to know the scooter’s weight limit because this is the maximum you can load on it and still get the range and battery life the manufacturer specifies.

The Gotrax will hold a payload of 220 pounds. The Hiboy will be able to carry 40 pounds more, for a total of 260 pounds.

The Speed Of The Gotrax XR Ultra vs. Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooters

Copy of Gotrax XR Ultra vs. Hiboy S2 Pro SPEED electric bike

Being able to navigate safely through commuter traffic does require a certain amount of speed. It can sometimes be just as dangerous to go too slow as it is to go too fast. While you are going to ride safely no matter where you ride, it’s good to have some power to the scooter for the times when you need it.

The Gotrax has a top speed of 15.5 mph, and the Hiboy will go 19 mph. Both of these scooters say that the speed depends on both riding style and terrain. 

You will be hard-pressed to get an electric scooter to go 19 mph up a steep incline, but you should be able to expect an electric scooter to do at least 12 mph on a flat roadway.

The Tire Size Of The Gotrax XR Ultra vs. Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooters

Copy of Gotrax XR Ultra vs. Hiboy S2 Pro TIRES electric bike

The tires on an electric scooter will get you from point A to point B, and they also impact how comfortable that ride is. Tires play a significant role in how fast you can stop your electric scooter and how quickly you can accelerate. 

Pneumatic tires are air-filled, just like the ones on a car. A solid tire is like what you would find on a skateboard. Pneumatic tires have a good grip on the road and are better at shock-absorbing, but you do have to maintain tire pressure, and they can get a flat. 

Solid tires will never get a flat and don’t require much maintenance, but are heavier and give a much bumpier ride.

The size of the tires makes a difference, too. Most electric scooter tires run between 6 and 10 inches in diameter. The larger the tires, the more comfortable and faster ride. However, smaller tires allow you to take corners better.

The Gotrax’s tires are 8.5 pneumatic, while the Hiboy has 10 inch solid tires. So there is a lot to think about concerning the tires. The Gotrax’s pneumatics will give you a more comfortable ride but is prone to flats. The Hiboy’s tires won’t get flats, but you won’t get as smooth a ride, except that the 10 inche diameter will help smooth out the feel.

The Battery & Motor Of The Gotrax XR Ultra vs. Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooters

Copy of Gotrax XR Ultra vs. Hiboy S2 Pro BATTERY MOTOR electric bike

An electric scooter motor under 250 watts will be sluggish when accelerating, have little speed, and have difficulty getting up hills. Whatever type of scooter you get, make sure that the motor is over the 250-watt range. 

As far as the battery is concerned, it is the “fuel tank” on the scooter. Most scooters will use a lithium ion-based battery because of their energy density and longevity.

The Gotrax has a 300-watt motor and a 36V 7.0AH extended-range lithium-ion battery. The Hiboy has a 350-watt brushless motor and a 40V 36V 11.4AH battery. The Hiboy has a downhill and braking regenerative battery so that you can recharge on-the-go.

In Conclusion

We have touched on some of the main features of an electric scooter and the comparisons between the Gotrax XR Ultra and the Hiboy S2 Pro. There is another difference to consider, and that is the price.

The Gotrax will cost about $360, and the Hiboy will be right at around $545. Consider how you need an electric scooter to work for you, and what your commuting needs are to decide if the $200 difference is an acceptable option.

Today’s electric scooters have various components to consider, from types and sizes of tires to the range, speed, and amount of weight they will carry. There are many great choices out there, and comparing scooters is smart to help you make that decision.

Electric Scooter Battery Tips

  • It is better not to store your scooter fully charged or with the charger plugged in for extended lengths of time. If you keep the battery topped off at the max, it diminishes its life.
  • Conversely, try not to store the scooter fully discharged. Li-ion batteries degrade when they drop below 2.5V.
  • Manufacturers recommend that you store your scooter with a battery that is between 30 and 50% charged.
  • It is best for the scooter battery not to be operated when the outside temperatures are below 32 degrees.
  • Electric scooter batteries last between two and four years and between 3,000 and 5,000 miles depending on storage, use conditions, and battery capacity.
  • You should be able to charge your scooter battery between 300 to 500 charging cycles before the battery starts to lose capacity.
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