Are Bigger Wheels Better on Electric Scooters?

Are Bigger Wheels Better on an Electric Scooter electric bike

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(Last Updated On: April 21, 2022)

The type of wheels you have on your electric scooter can make a huge difference when it comes to speed. Are bigger wheels better on a scooter? This question has been asked many times by those who are new to using electric scooters or those who would love to start and give this awesome piece of equipment a try.

In general, bigger wheels perform better and give fewer vibrations than smaller wheels in electric scooters. But it is good to note that bigger wheels make the e-scooter less convenient to carry around.

On the other hand, E-scooters with smaller wheels are lighter and more portable but are considered low on the speed performance.


Escooter Bigger Wheels 1 electric bike

Choosing the right e-scooter for you

Purchasing an electric scooter can be very difficult. If you are buying for the first time, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the market options.

While expert advice is good, it is also important to do your research and make a design comparison before deciding which one you will buy. Below are some of the things you can consider when purchasing an electric

Size of The Electric Scooter Wheel

Escooter Bigger Wheels 5 electric bike

As mentioned above, the type of wheel affects the performance of an e-scooter. The amount of comfort it provides may also vary depending on what type of wheels you are using.

There are two types of wheels for e-scooters: the solid or the airless types and the pneumatic tires. Solid tires are made of polyurethane. You won’t be caught in the middle of the road with flat wheels here.

On the other hand, pneumatic tires provide more comfort and ease even on a bumpy or challenging road. This type of wheel needs to be inflated.

Big scooter wheels, between 7 to 10 inches, provide more comfort and stability but would
ultimately make your scooter heavier to carry around. This is good for adults or pro and not who
regularly need to carry their scooters around when commuting. If the challenge doesn’t affect you, then larger wheels are still recommended. Smaller wheels might be lightweight, but they transmit more vibrations from the ground.

Electric Scooter Speed

Escooter Bigger Wheels 3 electric bike

Electric scooters usually have a maximum speed of 20 to 25 km/h. Cities around the
world are setting their regulations on the top speed allowed on e-scooters as more and
more people are keen on using it when community to and from work because of convenience.
This is generally the speed allowed when using the scooter on bike lanes or sidewalks. An excellent electric scooter with just the right speed and acceleration can not only get you to work fast.

Still, it can also help you avoid accidents along the way. Even new users will find it easy to use e scooters around. Some e-scooters go beyond this speed up to 81 km/h. They are called extreme performance scooters and are handled by pros equipped with safety gear.

E-scooter Range

Escooter Bigger Wheels 4 electric bike

This is the distance a scooter can cover before it runs out of battery. Knowing the
maximum range that a type of e-scooter has is important. It will help you determine the extent to where you will use it, like commuting to work.

The maximum range of a typical electric scooter is 15 to 35 km. If you want to save your battery power, you can make sure your e-scooter wheels are inflated enough and that you ride smoothly. An aggressive and fast ride can consume much of the battery.

Electric Scooter Weight

Escooter Bigger Wheels 6 electric bike

Weight plays a huge factor when choosing your e-scooter. Are you going to carry it
much around, or are you just going to use it to commute to work and have your parking
with you?

Remember that heavier scooters (especially those with larger wheels) can be challenging to carry around in the long run, and this, of course, will affect you. In general, most e-scooters have an average weight of about 11 kgs.

The Motor Power of The Electric Scooter

Escooter Bigger Wheels 7 electric bike

Motor power is based on the amount of power it consumes, usually determined in watts’ units. Those who have excellent motor power have greater wattage.

However, having more motor power does not necessarily mean your scooter is better. It also
needs to have a powerful battery. A motor power starts at around 200 to 350 watts, and this is considered good enough when riding around your city.

Purpose – How And Where Will You Use Your Electric Scooter.

Escooter Bigger Wheels 8 electric bike

It is important to determine how often you will use your e-scooters and your
purpose for buying one. Will you be using it generally to aid you with your work commute? Will you be using it for recreation and fun, like when driving around your city or town?

Or are you considering going on long journeys and make riding an e-scooter a form of sport?
Knowing how you will use it will help you determine the scooter that will fit you

There are many types of e-scooters, and there are also a lot of good brands available today. Having the proper knowledge will ultimately help you in your selection process.

Maintaining Your Electric Scooter Wheels

Escooter Bigger Wheels 2 electric bike

Most electric scooter wheels need to be changed after about a year. Scooter tires are smaller and need to be maintained regularly.

Larger electric scooter wheel sizes are more durable but need the same maintenance and the smaller ones. To make sure your wheels are always in good condition, monitor the tire pressure all the time.

If you aim for speed and comfort with ultimately fewer vibrations, make sure to invest in
larger wheels. But when you know you will carry your scooter around on stairs or carry
it along with on trains when commuting, it is advisable to make your wheels smaller.

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