How To Keep Your Electric Scooter From Getting Stolen

How to Keep Your Electric Scooter From Getting Stolen

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You have an electric scooter to get around the city, work, or school, and it is your favorite mode of transportation, so how do you keep it from being stolen? 

It is a real nuisance and sad state of affairs, but the reality is that you will have to protect your electric scooter from theft when you leave it parked. You can do things to keep your scooter safe, and fortunately, there are inexpensive ways to help safeguard your ride.

How To Keep Your Electric Scooter from Getting Stolen? Follow these helpful tips!

Use A Locking Mechanism To Secure Your Electic Scooter

Electric Scooter Lock 1 electric bike

While no lock is invincible, one of the best ways to keep your scooter secure is to use some type of lock as a deterrent. A lock like the Sportneer Bicycle Chain Lock, a chain lock, 5-Digit Resettable Combination Anti-Theft Bike Locks, will give you a keyless, secure lock mechanism.

This chain lock is a series of covered chain links that will secure your electric scooter to an object, like a bike rack. Wire cutters can’t cut a chain lock, but it would need bulky bolt cutters to do so.

While a lock might be necessary for securing your scooter, you also want it to be easy for you to use. With the Sportneer, you don’t have to have a key; you just use the five-digit combination. 

The lock has a simple rotating dial of five numbers. Set to any one of 100,000 combinations that makes this lock nearly impossible to crack. 

The cable also has a cut-resistant coating for added strength and a cover to keep your scooter from being scratched by the chain.

You know that a determined thief is going to take whatever they can. If you make it inconvenient for them, you can deter them from stealing your electric scooter.

Here are some additional suggestions for keeping your scooter safe:

Don’t Leave Your Electric Scooter Outside

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If it is at all possible, don’t leave your electric scooter outside. If you can’t get around taking it in with you, try to position yourself to see your scooter from the building you are in. 

If you are entering a building but can’t take it farther in with you, ask an employee if there is a spot where you can safely stow your scooter.

Do Some Investigation on Electric Scooter Safe Parking Spots

Electric Scooter Lock 3 electric bike

Check with the police in your area to see if they can recommend safe places to lock up your scooter when need be. They may also tell you the places where theft is high and that you should avoid. 

There are online forums such as Reddit: All things about escooter or electric scooters. You will be able to get tips from other electric scooter owners. 

Look at how the other electric scooters are secured in the area that you want to secure your scooter. Check out the locks that they are using. If they are using ultra heavy-duty locks, it may not be a safe area to park your scooter.

Lock The eScooter Steering Column

Electric Scooter Lock 4 electric bike

If your electric scooter has this feature, make sure to use it. This mechanism can keep someone from pushing your scooter down the street and making off with it.

Invest In a Lock Suited For Electric Scooters

Electric Scooter Lock 5 electric bike

A lock on your electric scooter is a deterrent, and it also buys you time. Hopefully, someone decent would see your scooter being messed with and get it on video or call the cops. 

When locking your scooter in place, choose a secure, heavy object to lock your bike to. Light poles and bike racks are suitable objects. Avoid anything short as your scooter would be able to be lifted over it.

Take Up The Slack

Electric Scooter Lock 6 electric bike

Remove as much slack from the chain as possible. This cuts down on the available space to get a bolt cutter or hacksaw in between the chain and the loops.

Consider A Secondary Lock

Electric Scooter Lock 7 electric bike

You might want to think of adding a disc or throttle lock along with your other form of security. The more complicated your scooter appears to a thief, the more likely they are to look for another scooter. 

There are also alarms that you can add. They will be activated by motion or by the tilting of the scooter.

Park Your Electric Scooter Wisely

Electric Scooter Lock 8 electric bike

If you have no choice but to park your scooter outside, try to park it in an area designated for electric scooters. If there is no area, look for somewhere with a lot of foot traffic that might discourage a thief. 

As much as possible, try to lower the probability or complicate the situation that makes your scooter a target for theft.

Various Types Of Locks For Electric Scooters

There are several different locks for electric scooters, and they all have their various features, strengths, and security levels.

Chain Locks

Electric Scooter Lock 9 1 electric bike

The chain locks are one of the most secure lock types for an electric scooter. They come in two parts, the chain, and the padlock. This system is only as strong as the padlock, so look for a chin lock with a heavy-duty padlock. 

The trade-off for this security is that a good chain will be heavier and a bit bulkier than other locks. This size, however, can also be an advantage when you need more flexibility and bigger diameter. Chains are also more resistant to angle grinders and cutting attacks. 

They are more challenging to hold in a fixed position while trying to cut through it, making it more difficult for a would-be thief. A good, heavy-duty chain is also a lesser expensive option, meaning that you could purchase two and lock up both wheels, making your scooter less attractive as a target.

Cuff Locks

Electric Scooter Lock 10 electric bike

These locks look much like handcuffs. Cuff locks are not as common as other locks, and so they will be less familiar to thieves who might not know how to defeat them. 

They are, however, vulnerable to picking, as any key lock type would be. They do not have much flexibility, like a chain, but will have a bit more than a U-lock.


Electric Scooter Lock 11 electric bike

A U-Lock will require a power tool or bolt cutters to get through them. These locks have shackles that are made from hardened steel and so are very tough. They are heavy but relatively easy to carry around, as they are not huge. 

Where the U-lock is lacking is inflexibility. You will need to have a compatible object to secure your scooter with a U-lock. Check before purchasing to make sure that your electric scooter is designed for a U-lock to go through. Most of them will be, but check to make sure.

Folding Locks

Electric Scooter Lock 12 electric bike

A folding lock will do just that, fold into a shape that makes it easy to carry. They tend to have less security than the other locks as their folding ability also makes them more susceptible to bolt cutters.

In Conclusion

The rule of thumb is that you should spend about 10% of your electric scooter’s cost on the locks you purchase to secure it. This makes sense, especially if you buy more than one locking mechanism.

The chances of seeing your scooter again if stolen are slim to none. Investing in the right kind of lock will be worth the cost and the time it takes to secure it.

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