How To Clean An Electric Scooter Without Damaging It

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Knowing how to clean your electric scooter will add to the longevity of your machine. 

Fortunately, it is an easy process to clean a dirty electric scooter and you can do yourself to keep your scooter looking good and running better.

Knowing how to maintain your electric scooter clean by washing it every month will keep it looking spiffy and keep debris out of the electric components and braking system.

It is an easy task to do and should not take you more than a half hour to do so. We have outlined the steps to take to properly clean your electric scooter.


Before You Begin, Look For An IP Rating

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The first thing you want to do before you clean, is to check your electric scooter waterproofing level. 

The IP rating will give you an idea of your electric scooter’s waterproof level. IP refers to “international protection” or “ingress protection.” 

This will tell you the debris (D) resistance and water (W) resistance your scooter has. 

The higher the number, with 6 being the maximum for debris and 9 for water, the better the protection. 

For example, if your electric scooter has an IP rating of IP55, it will handle occasional off-roading, puddles, and light, constant rain.

If your scooter has an IP04 rating, it can’t handle any debris and just wet ground, mist, fog, or a light, infrequent rain. 

If there is an X in the rating, like IPX5, it means that the scooter has no rating for debris.

Not all scooters will have an IP rating. Even so, most electric scooters are tolerant of everyday dust and dirt conditions. 

However, not all scooters are water-resistant, and it is not a good thing to ride them in the rain.

If your electric scooter manufacturer did not provide an IP rating, it is probably still protected from debris and light rain. 

As far as water is concerned, it is never a good idea to ride an electric scooter through puddles or the rain, anyway.

Step One: Gather Supplies For Electric Scooter Washing

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Start by gathering the supplies that you need. You should have them already in with your regular cleaning supplies, and there is really nothing that you should need to purchase. 

Most electric scooters are used for urban running, which can churn up the debris but is not nearly as dirty as off-road riding. You will primarily be cleaning off mud, dirt, or grime.

  • Mild soap, like dishwashing liquid
  • Clean rags
  • A small brush or an old toothbrush
  • Bucket
  • Clean, warm water

Step Two: Choose a Location for The Correct Electric Scooter Cleaning

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If at all possible, do this task outside, simply because you will have more room to maneuver, and any dirt will go into the grass, not on your carpet. 

If you don’t have outdoor space, a balcony, or patio, you will have to work indoors. 

Get a nice thick towel or an older blanket and lay it down first, knowing that you will certainly have to wash it afterward. 

It will be tempting to perform this cleaning in the tub, but if the shower or faucet is accidentally engaged, your ride will be toast.

Step Three: Cover The Charging Port

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It may seem obvious, but make sure the scooter is off. It is best to remove the battery and cover the charging port on your electric scooter, too. 

Cover any of the areas, like electrical components that could get damaged from water splashing onto them. 

A little cling wrap should do the trick to cover these areas. If you are exceptionally careful, you may not need to do this, but you can’t reverse damage after that, so better safe than sorry.

Step Four: Use Warm Water and Mild Soap for Electric Scooter Washing

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Never, ever, use a hose to clean off your electric scooter. 

If you power wash an electric scooter, it will result in it being the cleanest scooter in the dumpster, as a power washer will be the kiss of death to an electric scooter. 

Use a pail, bucket, or bowl to put warm water and a small amount of mild dishwashing liquid. 

You want something that will be mild enough not to damage the paint and strong enough to cut through any grime. 

Personally, I would use Dawn dish soap. It is the go-to product to clean wildlife caught in oil slicks. 

If it can cut that kind of grease and still not harm the wildlife, then it is effective, yet mild. Just a few drops in about a half gallon of warm water should do the trick.

Step Five: Wipe Down All Areas of The Scooter

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Wring the clean rag out thoroughly. You don’t want to use a cloth that is dripping wet. Start at the top with the handlebars, which should be the area less dirty. 

Wipe over the surfaces, cleaning as you go. While you are wiping down the surfaces, it is an excellent time to look the scooter over. 

Check for cracks or damage, loose bolts or hardware, and tighten them up as you find them.

Step Six: Use the Brush For Embedded Dirt

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Use the small brush or an old toothbrush (you can also get a pack of 2 at the dollar store) and use the brush in areas that might be hard to reach with the rag. 

You can dip the brush, shake out the excess water, and use it to dislodge any dirt in crevices.

Step Six: Rinse Off Your Electric Scooter

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Once you have removed dirt and grime from the scooter and the tires, get a fresh, clean rag and go over the scooter once again. 

This time, use clear warm water without any soap. This rinse will get off any soap residue and errant pieces of dirt. 

Remember to wring the excess water out of the rag before you start to rinse; you want to use a rag that is not dripping wet, just damp. 

Once you have gone over the entire scooter, take a soft, dry cloth and dry it off to ensure the correct electric scooter cleaning. 

It is best not to leave your scooter in the sun to dry off, as the harsh sunlight is not that kind to electric components.

In Conclusion

Your electric scooter is an investment, and it is a piece of machinery that you rely on to get you there and back again. 

Knowing how to clean an electric scooter just makes sense. It will look good and run better when it is properly cleaned and maintained. 

Washing your scooter every month or so will keep you looking good while on the go!

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