Best Electric Scooter Helmets with a Visor

Helmets With Visor electric bike

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You’re going to love our review of the Best Electric Scooter Helmets with a Visor.

Quick Look Product Table

#1 VICTGOAL Bike Helmet

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This bike helmet is lightweight and more comfortable than the other bike helmets you’ve worn before. It also includes a visor, which you can attach or remove as you see fit.

The good thing about the visor design is that it also works somewhat like goggles to protect you from sun and dust and dirt while you ride. 

Do you have a hard time finding a helmet that works with glasses? You’ve found it right here. The visor works with glasses too.

  • The visor works with glasses
  • Lightweight and cool
  • Adjustable tension
  • The visor may be too large for some


#2 Basecamp Bike Helmet, Bicycle Helmet BC-069

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This is the perfect helmet for people that like to ride their bikes day and night in just about any type of weather. That’s because it has safety LED lights on the back to ensure you’re visible to drivers and other riders, no matter what.

While some helmets might have between one and three lights, this bike helmet combines six for extra brightness.

This helmet is portable. Helmets can often be unwieldy, so this one comes with a special backpack.

  • Aerodynamic allows plenty of ventilation
  • Extra bright safety lights
  • Includes backpack for extra portability
  • Velcro occasionally needs replacement


#3 EASTINEAR Helmet With Magnetic Goggle

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The Eastinear bike helmet provides excellent protection and high performance impact buffering for spills. The high density EPS material and stable PC shell will give you a sturdy helmet for riding your electric scooter.

The lining and reflective straps improve overall safety and a comfortable wearing experience. The detachable goggles give you protection from the glare of the sun, wind and dirt. 

The Eastinear is equipped with a powerful rear light with three modes. Eight streamlined vents give the rider effective airflow and ventilation. 

  • 360-degree dial fit easy adjustment
  • USB rechargeable LED rear light
  • Comes with a charging cable
  • Detachable sun visor
  • Air vents to dissipate heat
  • Some wearers felt that the helmet ran small for their head size


#4 Shinmax Adults Bike Helmet

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Need a bike helmet with next-level airflow? This one fits the bill, except that its ventilation is several levels above other helmets. Why? Because a lot of bike helmets include 5 or 6 air vents. This one has 28 separate air vents.

It’s lightweight, comfortable and best of all, it’s safe. As a bonus, it comes with a carrying backpack as well as a magnetic visor. Try to beat the convenience of this helmet, and you’ll have a long term goal ahead of you.

  • Very well ventilated (28 vents)
  • Includes magnetic visor and carrying a backpack
  • Lightweight, but still durable
  • Shouldn’t be set down on a windy day


#5 MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet

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With in-mold construction and a tough and durable PC material and high density EPS foam, the Mokfire adult helmet will protect your head in case of a spill. This helmet is designed to transfer the energy of impact to the helmet and protect your noggin. 

The rechargeable rear light is another safety feature that allows drivers and other riders to see you in low light conditions. 

The Mokfire is ventilated to keep you from overheating and gives you a cool flow of air over your head. Excess heat is whisked away to keep you comfortable on warm days. 

  • Rechargeable USB light with 9 lighting modes
  • Rear light and reflective strips
  • 17 air vents to prevent overheating
  • The one-size-fits-all styling will not work for some users


Yes, there is no helmet specially designed for electric scooter riders. One thing is sure though: a good helmet is the first and most important part of any ride.

You should never neglect wearing one, even if it’s hard to decide which one to get. A bike helmet with a visor is reliable, high quality, and it can be used very well with an electric scooter. In fact, we highly recommend it.

That’s why we provided here a short buying guide and a few reviews to help you find your best fit.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Helmet with a Visor When Riding An Electric Scooter?

Better Protection

All bike riders know that a bike helmet is your number one means of protection if you crash. Bike helmets with visors are no different.

If you crash, a good helmet can save your head. It’s so important that in many places, bike riders over a certain age are required by law to wear one.

This is so much more applicable to electric scooter riders who reach higher speeds and not always use a dedicated lane in traffic.

Bike helmets that include visors are great for that added protection, even when your ride is all smooth sailing, at least for your terrain.

The thing about visors is that they provide excellent protection for your eyes and the upper part of your face. Where sunglasses tend to have more gap area, they also let in more dust, dry air, and UV rays since they cover less, and more space is available for the rays to sweep in.

Visors offer a larger range of coverage, keeping irritants from getting to your eyes. If you’ve ever gotten done with a ride only to be plagued with itchy, irritated eyes, you already know how big of a benefit this is.

They also provide protection to your eyes from the damage that can come from repeated exposure to strong UV rays.

Better Visibility

Bike helmets with visors are especially beneficial to riders that like to take their bikes or electric scooters on more rugged terrain.

Sunglasses tend to be less comfortable under a standard bike helmet. Not only that, because they have less coverage, but you can also get those blinding glares of sunlight that burst through the small gap in your sunglasses.

Bike helmets that include visors are generally designed for better visibility. Because the visors are also often magnetic or easily detached, they’ll never pose a visibility issue when it becomes darker. The visors work much like sunglasses, but much better.

It’s Great for People Who Wear Glasses

Our fellow glasses wearers will feel our struggle.  It is hard enough to find a bike helmet you can wear over eyeglasses. If you don’t have prescription sunglasses or goggles, it can feel impossible.

Most bike helmets with visors easily accommodate people wearing glasses with little or no discomfort.

How to Choose the Best Electric Scooter Helmet With A Visor?


A comfortable fit is essential. Look for a lightweight helmet; a few ounces less in weight goes a long way in preventing neck and shoulder strain. Make sure the padding and the chin strap doesn’t chafe with movement.

The best way to test the comfort of a helmet is to wear it for 15 to 30 minutes, as you move around, if possible.

An adjustable fit is a huge bonus in this category: even if you’re between sizes, you can get a good, comfortable fit with the turn of a dial.


Some helmets are rather bulky. While a helmet isn’t a huge piece of gear, it can be a pain to try and fit with your other equipment.

Bike helmets that have that extra bit of convenience often include things like magnetic attachments or special carrying backpacks.


Many bike helmets include extra features, from superior ventilation to a detachable visor or carrying case. Often the more features, the higher the price point will be.

So decide what features you’ll really use (like extra led lighting for night riding) and those which are not important.


Even the best bike helmet is worth absolutely nothing if it isn’t safe. Helmets protect your skull, and your brain, in case you ever have the misfortune of meeting with a collision. Even a good lightweight helmet needs to be sturdy enough to withstand an impact. 

While local regulations may vary, there are still many independent organizations that certify safety and impact ratings for bike helmets. Make sure you verify the helmet’s protection ratings before you go on the road.

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