Helmets for Electric Scooters: Protect Your Most Important Asset

Importance of helmets electric bike

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The head is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. Helmets for electric scooters are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment that exists for scooter riders.

There are a few understandable reasons why people do not like to wear helmets, such as the discomfort they may cause.

But the risks heavily outweigh the discomfort, and it is always better to be safe than injured.

In this guide, you will learn more about the importance of electric scooter head protective gear, namely about helmets.

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Why Should You Wear a Helmet on an Electric Scooter?

Protect Your Head

Since the head is the most vulnerable part of the body, it can become severely injured without a helmet, no matter how small or big the impact is.

Furthermore, the scars you may obtain on your face from an accident may remain there permanently.

It is best to wear a helmet to avoid traumatic brain injuries and facial scarring.

Follow the Law

Most traffic laws will require you to wear a helmet, and you can be seriously fined if you are caught riding on the streets without one.

You may even be taken into custody if you end up in particularly dire circumstances.

It is much safer and convenient to follow traffic laws and wear a helmet while riding to avoid injuries and legal fines.

Adjust it to Your Style

Some people are reserved about wearing helmets because they think that they might not look cool or stylish enough to wear while riding.

However, it is possible to personalize your own helmet with many cool designs, and you can even have the option of painting your helmet yourself.

This way, you can remain safe and stylish by putting your creative touch into your helmet. 

You would only need to seek out information or check with the manufacturer about what paint would work with your helmet before customizing it.

Protect Yourself Against Hearing Loss

The wind and turbulence that you will experience during riding may cause you to have hearing problems if you go riding without a helmet.

The helmet will protect your ears from the harsh noises from your bike and the strong force of the wind.

Irreversible damage to your hearing may not occur right away, but it can most definitely put you at a bigger risk later on in life if you are not careful.

Increased Visibility

Helmets can help increase your visibility during harsher weather that involves heavy wind and/or rain.

Not wearing a helmet can become a detriment to your eyesight, and you will have to keep constantly wiping your eyes to make your vision clear again.

If you are unable to see where you are going due to the weather, it can lead to serious injuries for yourself or others.

Helmets can also help people see you more clearly in harsh weather or while riding at night, especially colorful ones.

Colorful helmets that are visible in the dark will allow others to see you more clearly, so they know to avoid coming close to you when it is otherwise difficult to see.

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Saves Money and Time

Along with keeping you and others safe on the road, helmets will also help you avoid claim damages and high hospital bills.

Having severe injuries will lead to extended recovery time in the hospital, which will mean that you will have to pay a higher bill than you would from just a few scrapes and bruises.

Wearing a helmet will help you save time and money while protecting you from injuries that could further debilitate you.

As far as claim damages go, you can land in deep trouble if someone reports that you were not wearing a helmet in the event of an accident.

Some of the injuries you obtain will be considered your fault regardless of whether or not you were the one who caused the accident.

Wearing a helmet can help deter some of the possible legal problems you will have to face an accident.


Helmet Problems and Solutions

Helmet Problems and Solutions

Figure out Your Head Shape and Size

Choosing the wrong type of helmet can lead to multiple problems, such as the helmet being too big or small on your head, or it could restrict your breathing or eyesight.

To avoid doing that, you will need to know what size and shape your head it so that you will have an easier time finding a helmet that will fit. 

You will be able to determine your head shape by looking at a photo of your head from different angles, and you will determine the size of your head by measuring your head’s circumference with a tape measure.

Always make sure to try your helmet on before you purchase it to make sure it fits correctly.

Choose a Helmet Style

The style of your helmet will usually depend on what type of riding you usually do.

The style of your helmet is designed to work best in the environment you typically ride in.

For example, a dirt helmet is specially designed for off-road riding.

Test Your Helmet

Once you have received the helmet you wanted and determined that it fits, wear it for about 30 minutes.

By doing this, you will be able to discover which pressure points in your face will be affected by the helmet.

If you feel discomfort, pain, or end up getting red lines from the helmet anywhere on your face or head, then you may want to try getting a different helmet.

What Are the Helmet Protection Physics?

Helmet Protection Physics

A helmet provides you protection with padding on the inside to protect you from severe injuries while doing activities such as sports, skating, sledding, and biking.

In the case of electric scooters, it is highly recommended that you wear a full set of electric scooter safety gear to protect yourself. 

Why You Should Wear a Helmet?

Wearing a helmet will dramatically reduce the amount of damage your head will take in a sudden accident or fall, which can also protect you from brain damage.

How to Wear a Helmet?

Making sure that a helmet fits you correctly is essential to both your safety and comfort.

The helmet should not move once it has been securely fastened, and the front of the helmet should be able to protect your forehead.

What Happens When You Hit Your Head?

Hitting your head can result in severe injuries, concussions, and possibly brain damage.

The damage you receive in an accident will only be worse if you are not wearing a helmet to protect yourself.


What Are the International Standards for Helmets?

International Standards for Helmets

Snell M-2010/M-2015 (Motorcycle)

The Snell M-2010 and M-2015 are the most strict standards for motorcycle helmets, following the most demanding standards for motorcycle helmets.

EN 1078 (Bicycle)

EN 1078 fits into one of the most lenient standards for bicycle helmets.

While helmets of this standard are sold in Europe, they are outlawed for purchase in America because they do not meet the minimum safety standards.

DOT FMVSS-218 (Motorcycle)

The DOT FMVSS-218 standard is one of the most rigorous standards, more so than e-bikes or regular bicycles.

This standard is the bare minimum required standard for United States motorcycle helmets.

Dutch NTA-8776 (E-bike)

The Dutch NTA-8776 standard is just a step below the DOT FMVSS-218, but above the standards for any bicycle, BMX, or downhill bike standards.

US CPSC (Bicycle)

The US CPSC, otherwise known as the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is the bare minimum standard for United States bicycle helmets.

Snell B90A (Bicycle)

The Snell B90A standard is very similar to the US CPSC standard for bicycle helmets. However, this standard was created by the Snell Memorial Foundation.

Snell B95 (Bicycle)

The Snell B95 standard is the most strict standard for bicycle helmets. The Snell Memorial Foundation also created it.

ASTM F1952 (Downhill bicycle)

The ASTM F1952 standard, created by ASTM International, holds a higher power over regular bicycle helmet standards.

ASTM F2032 (BMX)

The ASTM F2032 standard is similar to the ASTM F1952 standard and was also created by ASTM International.

What Is the Newest Helmet Technology?

Newest Helmet Technology

With the advancement of technology, more manufacturers created new helmets designed to increase safety and reduce the risk and severity of injuries.

Currently, the “world’s safest bike helmet” is a helmet that is designed to have an airbag in the collar of the helmet to create a protective hood around your neck when an accident occurs.

This helmet has all kinds of benefits that were previously unheard of, and it has proven to be an innovation to modern helmet safety standards.

The helmet works by using sensors in the collar that is capable of detecting abnormal movements to activate the airbag inside to protect your neck and head from more severe injuries.

This new and improved helmet will be guaranteed to be much safer than regular electric scooter helmets.

Safety should always be the priority in any situation, and this helmet will bring safety precautions to a whole new level.

Helmets are a necessity that you cannot afford to be without for your safety.

Always make sure to wear a helmet while riding and that the helmet fits you comfortably and fits the required safety standards.

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