7 Google Smart Home Gadgets to Level-Up Your Urban Life

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(Last Updated On: May 26, 2022)

Are you new to smart home products? The past few years have been all about making your home into a smart home, and Google smart home gadgets have been at the forefront of this trend.

If you have seen or used some of the Google smart home gadgets that are available, you’ll know just how incredible they are. They make life easier and are just plain fun to use. 

That’s why we have listed 10 Google smart home gadgets that will help make your busy life a bit easier and enhance the experience at the same time!


1. Google Nest WiFi Router

Google Nest WiFi Router


A wireless router will allow your computer, smartphone, tablet, and other devices to connect to the internet. 

The Google Nest will make life easier in a couple of exciting ways.  It will free up space on your desk, as you will be able to use a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Even more exciting is that you can move around your house with your laptop and iPad. It is so freeing to be able to change your location from the bedroom to the table and back to the couch.

With this set of two, one router will connect to your modem via an ethernet cable. The second router only needs to be plugged into a power outlet.

Not only will you be able to move about your house with your devices, but the Nest Wifi will also eliminate buffering in every room up to 4400 square feet.

If you need more coverage than that, just add additional Nest Wifi routers to your system. 

It is hard to believe, but Nest WiFi routers are strong enough to handle up to 200 connected devices. If you have 200 devices, you might want to ask yourself why!

Capable of streaming multiple 4K videos at a time, the Nest is fast enough to handle your Wifi needs. 

The Google Nest Wifi is easy to set up in the app. You can also create a guest network or use parental controls for the kiddos. 


2. Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat Google products


You are going to love these Google products offered by Google. The Nest Learning Thermostat, as the 3rd Gen, has additional features that make life a bit easier.

It starts by having a larger screen and slimmer profile than previous models. A really helpful feature is that this 3rd Gen thermostat supports voice integrations with Alexa.  That makes life easier!

The thermostat improved its functionality from past models by adding “farsight.”  

Farsight will pick up your presence in the house from up to 20 feet away and lets you see the temperature and current time in analog or digital mode.

The Nest Thermostat is compatible with up to six Nest temperature sensors. 

Nest temperature sensors are an additional device sold separately that can be placed in specific rooms, like your bedroom or any area that might run especially hot or cold.

The advantage of having sensors in a particular room is that you can set that room to be the default temperature. 

That way, the Nest 3rd Gen will adjust the heating or cooling around the room you have chosen, rather than the lower temperature where the thermostat is located. 

The Furnace Heads-up function will keep track of the times your forced-air furnace turns off. 

If it senses that there is a potential issue, it will alert you in the Nest app, on the thermostat itself and in the monthly energy usage email.

Designed to have an easy install, it comes with a small screwdriver and built-in level. Also included are a rectangular base plate and a steel plate for mounting to an electrical box.

It should take only about 10 or 15 minutes to set up. Here is the installation tutorial for the Nest 3rd Gen Learning Thermostat. 


3. Nest Cam Outdoor, Security Camera

Nest Cam Outdoor, Security Camera


In today’s world, it gives you an added sense of security to be able to monitor your home when you are not there. 

Helping to make this task easier for you and give you additional peace of mind, Google products bring you the Nest Cam Outdoor security camera.

Google started making cameras back in 2015. Many of them were former Apple engineers who focused on tech-forward security cameras.

With a Nest security camera, you have continuous access to the camera feed.  This allows you to check-in whenever you want and from wherever you are.

The Nest has a high-quality video that can provide crucial details.  A great feature is that you have a three-hour snapshot history where you can see the past three hours at a glance with snapshots.

You will get an alert notification to your phone when the camera picks up movement. The Nest lets you talk back through the Nest app. 

In addition, there is a two-way functionality that allows you to have two-way conversations with visitors.

Rain or shine, day or even at night, the night vision on the Nest will evenly illuminate the area so that you can see what is going on. 

Your 24/7 video streaming history is saved for up to 30 when you choose a Nest Aware subscription. 

The 130-degree view of the camera will show you everything in 1080p HD, along with being weatherproof.  

Another great feature is that this is a security camera that you will be able to install yourself. 

Here is a video that shows how the Nest Outdoor Security Camera works. 


4. Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera Google products


I like the look of the Google Nest Indoor camera. It is small, takes up hardly any space, and is a simple and easy way to add another level of security.

The three-pack makes it ideal, as there is usually not just one single room you would like to be able to monitor.

On the indoor Nest camera, the audio will let you know when there is any noise.  

Using your smartphone or tablet, the Nest app is simple and straightforward.  You can view real-time footage, past footage with Nest Aware, and 2-way audio alerts.  

You can also review video clips, create new clips, and adjust settings from the app.

You will find that the camera itself does not have any controls on it. This will keep anyone else from tampering with settings.  The app will access all features.

When the camera is on, there will be a small green LED light that will indicate that it is on and recording. 

The Nest will come with a mounting plate, screws, a USB cord, and a power adapter.  The units are designed to be free-standing, but you can also mount it on a wall.

Installing the Nest is easy.  It comes with directions that are simple and easy to understand and works well with your Wifi network. 

The pivoting base can rotate 90 degrees, giving you the ability to catch the area that you want in the camera.

Once you decide where to locate the cameras, just plug them in and download the Nest app and create an account.  It is easy to add a product to the app. 

Here is a demo of how the Nest Indoor Camera can make life easier for you.


5. Libratone Q Adapt Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Libratone Q Adapt Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Google products


If you work in an open office plan of cubicles, as I did, or if you have a noisy commute, it helps to block out all the background noise.

Maybe you live by an airport or any other number of reasons why you are inundated with lots of distracting noise. These noise-canceling headphones will improve your life.

The Libratone active noise cancellation will filter out the noise “pollution” that can be a constant distraction. 

The Q Adapt has Bluetooth 4.1, and they also support the high-quality aptX audio codec. 

If you have a smartphone, a digital audio player, or another source that supports aptX, you will be able to stream CD-quality audio.

The Libratone also has a neat feature that is called Bluetooth Plus 1. With this feature, you can connect to a friend’s Q Adapt via the Libratone app and enjoy music together, wirelessly.

The mesh weave headband is not cumbersome, and the ear cups are soft synthetic leather with a layer of memory foam. Weighing in at seven ounces, the headphones are not heavy to wear.

If you want to re-engage, or need to let the outside world in, you can use the feature that is called Hush. 

Just hold the palm of your hand over the right ear cup, and your music will pause, and you will be able to hear colleagues or the outside world again.

To extend your battery time, this smart headset will automatically stop the music when you take the headphones off. After 20 minutes of inactivity, the Q Adapt will automatically power down.

A full charge on these headphones will last about 20 hours of listening. It is under three hours to recharge.


6. Jaybird Tarah Bluetooth Wireless Sport Headphones

Jaybird Tarah Bluetooth Wireless Sport Headphones


Another item in the Google products list is the Jaybird Tarah headphones. These are wireless headphones that come with snug-fitting wingtips that are great for an active lifestyle. 

There are three different tip sizes in the box to enable you to use the one that works best for you.

When you are out running or at the gym, you are already working hard. You want a set of headphones that make your workouts easier, not more difficult.

The lightweight Tarah is sweatproof and will also be waterproof for running in all kinds of weather conditions. 

With volume control, play/pause controls, and a cinch cord that makes it quick and easy to stop loose cables flapping around, the Tarah fits right into your workout.

The battery will give you six hours of run time, with just a ten-minute recharge to provide you with another hour or a full charge in one hour. 

The Tarah uses a proprietary charger, which improves the headphone’s sweat proofing.

The sound quality on the Tarah’s is excellent for an inexpensively priced set of headphones. The 6mm drivers are the same size as used in more expensive models.


7. iOttie Wireless Car Charger

iOttie Wireless Car Charger


The Google products series is completed with a car charging device. The iOttie provides in-car wireless charging for your Qi-enabled phone, saving you a world of hassle when you are on the road.

Maybe you are running late, or already used up most of your charge while conducting business in the morning. 

You can rest easy that you have one less issue to contend with and power when you need it most.

Designed for quick charging, the iOttie allows your phone to be charged without the tangle of charging cables.  

Using Qi induction technology, your phone is charged quickly and easily once it is placed in the holder. No need for wires or cables.

You can charge your compatible device up to 40% faster than with a standard wireless charger. 

Another ease of use, the One Touch system allows you to lock your phone into the holder with one finger. Just push your device into the holder, and the lock and release system will do the rest for you.

The iOttie comes with a telescopic arm that can position your phone just how you would like it in either a vertical or horizontal position. 

Integrated air vents on the back of the mounting aid in preventing your phone from overheating while being charged.



I think it’s easy to see why Google Smart Home Products are the best on the market. The Google eco-system is well-developed and you will be happy with how all the products interact together to make your home “smarter”.

We hope this list of Google products will really help you make the most of your urban life!

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