Stay Dry With These 3 Best Electric Scooter Helmet Rain Covers

electric scooter helmet rain covers

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Besides the helmets themselves, helmet covers are important pieces of gear, especially if you find yourself caught in the rain riding your electric scooter.

While many of these covers have similar designs, they don’t all perform equally well. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the 10 best electric scooter helmet rain covers for the money in 2019 and also show you the benefits of using them, in general.


1. AYAMAYA Bike Helmet Cover with Reflective Strip

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This helmet cover is a staple for any electric scooter or bike rider. It has everything you need to keep your head comfortable and dry during a ride. First, the nylon fabric is more breathable than plastic or hybrid materials on many helmet covers.

It still does its job, though, and keeps water off your head entirely. It’s available in different sizes, but don’t think that means it’s just using an elastic band to secure it in place.

It also has an adjustable cord, so you really can get the best fit possible. That also means that you can ride with confidence, knowing your helmet cover isn’t going to go flying off in the middle of the road. 

  • Stays on really well in high wind and rain
  • Reflective strips improve rider visibility
  • Keeps water away 100%
  • More breathable, but still gets rather hot after a few hours



2. GORE WEAR C3 GTX Helmet Cover

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Gore-Tex is known for creating hardworking, durable, and high-quality gear. That’s already a bonus point for this helmet cover since it performs every bit as well as you’d expect from one of their products.

Although rugged,  it feels lightweight too. It may be more of an investment compared to other helmet covers, but it’s an investment that pays off for years and years of safe, comfortable riding. 

It’s entirely waterproof, but the fabric is designed more like a membrane on the inner layer. In short, it has plenty of minute ‘pores’ that let air through, but not moisture.

This is gear you can trust; if it ever seems to deteriorate or doesn’t do the job, the company guarantees they’ll make it right. 

  • Continues high performance for several years
  • More breathable than any other helmet cover
  • Completely waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Pricier than other helmet covers


3. Proviz Men’s REFLECT360 Cycling Helmet Cover

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The first thing you’ll notice about this helmet cover is how much the design stands out. While it isn’t all about looks, the visual appeal is there.

It looks more streamlined and sophisticated than most covers you’ll ever see. It’s also water and windproof so that you can ride in any weather, no matter your helmet size. 

Where does it stand out? The superior function that you get riding in any conditions, but especially in the rain or at night. While most helmet covers have an area or stripes with reflective materials, this one goes farther.

The entire helmet cover is made of reflective material. When it comes down to it, you literally cannot beat that kind of visibility, or the safety it gives you as a rider at night. 

  • Very tight, secure fit
  • Keeps moisture and water entirely off your helmet
  • 100% reflective material means superior visibility to other drivers and riders
  • The material doesn’t stretch very much


Benefits of using Electric Scooter Helmet Rain Covers

Benefits of Using Electric Scooter Helmet Rain Covers

Increases Visibility

Helmet covers are great for adding color to your gear, which in turn makes you more visible when other riders are sharing the road with you. Beyond the bright colors, many rain covers for scooter helmets also have special reflective strips.

These work much like reflectors on the back of a bike. Light reflects off these patches, making them look illuminated at night, and keeping you visible to drivers. 

Keeps Rain Away

While waterproof helmet covers won’t keep your whole body dry, they will keep any rain out of your helmet. Rain can be uncomfortable, a distraction, and a problem for your helmet in the long run. These covers eliminate the problem altogether. 

Preserves Your Helmet

Helmets can take a lot of wear, but that doesn’t we can neglect them. As moisture seeps into your helmet, it can lessen the functional lifetime of your helmet. That’s because it can be difficult to thoroughly dry a soaked helmet, and the materials will begin to deteriorate over time.

A helmet cover keeps the elements away from your helmet and keeps it in good shape for longer. 

Qualities to Consider 


Many helmet covers tout ‘universal sizing’ or come as a ‘one size fits all or most’ package. However, even if that’s the case, it’s still better to check a sizing chart before you order your helmet cover. If multiple sizes are available, check for adjustable cords too if you want the best fit.


Not all helmet covers are waterproof. Always check to ensure the cover is waterproof and weather resistant. 


It’s important to get a high-quality helmet cover that will last. You don’t want to replace yours every month, so choose a durable cover that you can count on.  


Helmet covers are a gift to riders in poor weather. Always check the details before you order yours, and you’ll be able to ride comfortably and confidently in any weather. 

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