BEST Urban Adventures: 10 Fun Things You Can Do in Any City, Any Time

10 Things You Can Do In Any City Any Time electric bike

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(Last Updated On: May 19, 2022)

A Guide To Best Urban Adventures

Who says going to the city can’t be an adventure? It may not be the same as scaling a mountain or white water rafting, but an adventure, nonetheless.

As the song goes, “concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do…”

The good thing about going on an urban adventure is not running out of things to do. And we have taken the liberty of choosing the ten best things to do in any city, just for you. 

Whether the city you are in is big or small, there are adventures that you can do in any of them.


Check The Local Farmers Market. Urban Adventure

This activity might seem reasonable or something that you regularly do, so you feel like there’s no need to add this to your urban adventure list. But the truth is, you’ll be missing out on a lot if you fail to check this off of the list.

Spotting great finds, such as thrift stores, local street entertainments, and the likes which you would have missed if you weren’t strolling along. 

Being really present in the city where you are in by noticing your surroundings as you saunter onto the concrete streets.

There is a certain glory in walking around a city, and wearing the right footwear will make it a more pleasant experience. Check this site to know which sandals to rock when walking around the city.

If walking is not your thing there’s still good news for you. Many cities will offer you alternative means of transportation like segway tours.

These are very convenient because you can still explore the city streets in a very direct way.

Check The Local Farmers Market

Check The Local Farmers Market as an urban adventure

To know the best produce a city can offer, it is best to check it’s local farmer’s market. A market where a group of farmers sells their products once or twice a week at designated public places like parks or parking lots.

You get to buy fresh and flavorful local produce at an affordable price and be able to help out the local community at the same time.

To make it more fun, they set up live entertainment on some sites when they are permitted. 

Go To The Park

Go To The Park

People watch. Grab a drink (hot or cold), bring your favorite sandwich, find a perfect spot to sit on, ease your shoulders, and just watch as people pass by. City parks are almost always packed with running, walking, jogging, relaxing, and talking people.

Play catch with your dog in the nearest park; this way, you both get to enjoy the urban adventure and get some exercise at the same time.

Don’t Miss The Museums 

Visit The Local Museums

There is always something for everyone in museums. From coins to dinosaurs and everything in between. Museums are always educational, and it also inspires the community about something while it provides dainty things for us to see.

You could learn something interesting at the museum that you probably would not have found out otherwise. 

And in case you might need a cool place to hold activities, museums can accommodate events. They also offer – some exciting, public, free events including lectures and workshops, staged in incredible buildings.

Savor The Street Food

Savor The Street Food in New York

If you’re one for street food, then this is a must-do, a fantastic way to learn about the city’s culture through their food. This urban adventure can be paired with your walking activity.

If you are just visiting, this is an excellent way to try local food without the frills of all things touristy. All the varieties of food you will sample are going to be an adventure in itself.

Make sure to start on an empty stomach; you would want to have enough room for all the phenomenal authentic delicacies the city can offer. 

Go Shopping

Go Shopping

Online shopping is the norm nowadays. But nothing will ever beat the rush you get when entering a unique retail store where you can touch, smell, try on, or even taste the items you wish to purchase.

Some might even say shopping is the pursuit of pleasure. Make the most out of this shopping adventure by buying things that would best remind you of the city. Give back to the community by not skipping out on the local shops.

Visit a Local Historical Site

Visit a Local Historical Site

All cities have a historical site – a unique building, a park, a theatre, a battlefield, and the list could go on. A little research into the site you plan to visit can enhance your experience. Some sites offer historical re-enactments, check the schedule and programs of the local historical site.

This kind of trip usually ends with an opportunity to buy from the souvenir shop. Do not hesitate to buy; most sites use the revenue of the shops for the upkeep of the place. 

Explore The City Library

Public Library Urban Adventures

Bibliotourism might be the next big thing in travel trends, where you get to visit different libraries all over the world. No one would ever guess the kind of service libraries provide for tourists or even people who are enamored with one.

In fact, there are public libraries that offer a free city tour. To get to the literary heart of a city, take the direct route via the public library.

Besides the majestic collection of books, city libraries have breathtaking architectural structures that would highlight your social media page or story.

Recreation Center

Young Woman At Recreation Center Gym

There are different kinds of recreation centers run by a public government agency. These centers offer various activities and programs that are mostly free; you just need to register in advance to secure a slot.

You may also enjoy their free and fun amenities and programs such as swimming pools, basketball courts, after school childcare, even health and fitness courses.

These fantastic perks are available to you, tour the nearest recreation center to you and join the fun and safe programs they have in store.

Volunteer Work

Young woman volunteering in a park

Cities have a great need for volunteer workers that can aid them in providing free service to the public.

There are various works that you can partake of that will help you give back to the community. Here are a few volunteer works you can start with:

Soup Kitchen

Get in touch with the local food bank or soup kitchen and know what kind of service you can provide.

Public School

There are lots of schools, especially in big cities, and they all could use a few more volunteers that can alleviate the workload. You can participate in tutoring programs or support after-school activities.

Community Garden

Start or join one. If you have a green thumb, this is perfect for you. Community garden produce is always donated in different charitable causes, the likes of soup kitchen or food banks, or even local community feeding programs.

Read this blog to learn about the amazing benefits of joining gardening groups. 


Amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, take time to enjoy the cityscape. Don’t just go through the city, experience the city.

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