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Listen to Your Favorite Music, Get GPS Directions, and Enjoy Phonecalls While Riding Your eScooter with the best Smart Helmets With Bluetooth Speakers And Microphone.

Quick Look Product Table

Helmet With Bluetooth and MicBest FeaturesMultiple Colors
LIVALL MT1 Smart HelmetSides -Built-in Mic; Bluetooth SpeakersYes
Sena Smart Cycling HelmetFully Bluetooth integrated/HD Audio Speakers and MicYes
Coros Omni Smart HelmetBone Conducting AudioYes
Lumos Smart HelmetBuilt-in Motion Sensor Yes
Coros SafeSound Road Smart HelmetEar Opening Sound System (EOSS)Yes

When you’re taking your scooter out for a ride, it’s great to be able to safely use your smartphone for calls, GPS directions, and listen to music.

There are many great electric scooter helmets out there that allow you to do all of the things hands-free, and some of them even include some excellent advanced safety features.

Check out this list of our favorite electric scooter helmets that feature high-quality speakers and microphones.

#1 LIVALL MT1 Smart Helmet

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The LIVALL MT1 Smart Helmet was built for both safety and excellent user experience.

The back of the helmet features built-in tail lights that work as direction indicators and brake lights, making you and your intentions highly visible to others on the road.

The built-in walkie-talkie uses a Bluetooth speaker and wind-proof microphone to give you high-quality voice input, output, and music. 

Furthermore, the helmet has an SOS function that sends signals to your emergency contacts through the LIVALL Riding App. If it notices any impact, it will inform them of your location and the situation.

  • Detachable helmet rim
  • Adjustable head circumference band
  • The simple controller allows you to control walkie-talking, music and turn signals easily
  • Requires frequent recharging if you use the audio functions regularly


#2 Sena Smart Cycling Helmet

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Built-in HD microphone and speakers give you crystal clear audio input and output, so you can make phone calls, use GPS, play music and more.

Advanced Noise Control helps to minimize loud background noise from wind and traffic. The helmet has three simple buttons that help you navigate the audio functions with ease so you can focus on the road. 

If you like to ride with others, the helmet also features a Group Intercom that allows you to talk with up to three friends at once within a 900-meter radius. This feature can be set up using the Sena Smartphone app. 

  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Two comfortable size options for a perfect fit
  • Sena Smartphone app makes it easy to customize all of the features
  • Some customers have reported sizing is tricky since there is only S/M or L/XL


#3 Kracess Smart Helmet


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The Kracess Smart Helmet not only offers Bluetooth connection, which is waterproof with windproof microphone, allowing you to keep connected or listen to music while you ride, but it’s main feature is the built-in 1080p front camera. 

Having a camera allows you to record while you ride, which can be a simple driving recorder, for safety purposes, or just for a unique point-of-view of scenery or riding tricks. The built-in memory card holds 64GB. 

With its rear security light, it will automatically sense if you suddenly decelerate or have a fall, turning on to warn others with a warning light. At night, the light is visible for 150 meters. 

  • Built-in front camera
  • Smart remote makes controlling audio and lights simple while riding
  • Large rear LED light
  • Up to 24 hours of battery life with Bluetooth
  • Some customers have complained the camera quality is subpar


#4 Lumos Smart Helmet

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This helmet was made for ultimate safety while on your scooter. With almost 60 bright LED lights all around the helmet, you’ll be easily visible by drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

The lights are easily controlled via the handlebar, which also allows you to use turn signals. It also has a brake light that activates with your handbrake. Depending on the setting, the helmet battery can last from 3 to 6 hours on a single charge. 

Using the complimentary smartphone app, you can quickly check your battery status, control settings, and install updates. 

  • Fully charged in just two hours
  • Wireless handlebar remote
  • Built-in motion sensor
  • Only one size available


#5 Coros SafeSound Road Smart Helmet

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Open ear sound system allows for clear, high-quality sound with limited vibration, all while allowing you to stay aware of your surroundings.

The Smart Remote is easily mounted on your handlebars for easy access to call functions, music, and more without losing focus. Additionally, the Coros app lets you track your riding statistics and patterns, as well as control settings. 

The lightweight, aero-flow design allows for ultimate comfort, and EPS impact foam provides you with impact protection. Automatic LED taillights turn on when in low light conditions for added safety and visibility. 

  • SOS emergency alert system in case of accidents
  • Open ear design
  • Led tail light can be set to on/off or automatic
  • No turn signal lights


What to Look for in a Smart Helmet?

When you begin your search for the perfect Smart Helmet, it’s essential to determine what kind of features are going to be best for you.

Lights are always a great option for added visibility. Still, if you ride in high traffic areas or in the city, a helmet with turn signal features on the back is even better. 

If you like to talk on the phone while riding, you should look for a helmet that has a high-quality microphone.

Some will have wind-proof microphones that are specially made to prevent loud wind noise from distorting your voice while on phone calls. 

Another thing to consider is how you want your audio delivered to you. Some helmets come with an open ear design if you prefer optimal environmental awareness, as opposed to having your ears closed off.

For the most part, the majority of people find it to be more comfortable and safe to use an open ear design on their smart helmet. 

In Conclusion

Investing in a smart helmet for your electric scooter allows you to ride while safely staying connected to your smartphone.

They allow you to enjoy your music, receive GPS directions, and even talk on the phone while remaining focused on the road.

There are many products available, all with a variety of functions offering simple controls and increased safety.

<p”>Use this guide as a tool to learn more about your options and find the perfect fit for you.

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