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(Last Updated On: April 10, 2022)

You have suddenly become more aware of how the space you live in can affect your mood and even your health.

After hundreds of daily trips from the bedroom to the kitchen and from the dining room to the living room, you might start to feel differently about the objects you’ve filled your home with. 

You feel that the air might be cleaner, the carpets softer, and the sofas more comfortable. And yes, you should have saved some extra space for other indoor activities.

Before having so much time at home, you had not put much thought into whether the objects around you were conducive to a comfortable environment. 

It might have taken home confinement for this to occur to you, but you are a quick learner! We are here to help give you some new ideas just by reading a blog post like this one. 

Our ultimate purpose is to help you maximize your urban experience and the life you’re living at that place you call “home.”

A Better Way to Sit

There is a lot of sitting around being done lately because of the pandemic. Sometimes it is for watching TV or Netflix, or just sitting and looking out the window at the world that has ground to the halt. 

What is the best option for doing all this viewing? Is it an ergonomic chair? A sofa? The best and most comfortable option is a recliner! They’ve been used in airplanes and trains for decades and have made their way to our homes.

The recliner is also called a reclining chair or a lounger. Modern recliners often feature an adjustable headrest and lumbar support, and the more advanced ones include heat, massage, and vibration.

Recliners combine comfort with health benefits in a unique way. They not only provide support for the head and feet, but they can also change the point of pressure in your back, helping you achieve an ergonomically correct posture.

Add to that the electric element, and you have yourself a device that will vastly improve the way you sit and sleep. These are the main reasons why recliners have become the subject of this article and, hopefully, your attention.

If you made it so far, that means you are ready to scan through our list of the best electric sleep recliners

#1. Comhoma Leather Recliner

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This leather Comhoma chair does it all; it reclines, rocks, massages, heats and swivels. You will not want to leave it!

With this push-back recliner mechanism, you just place your hands on the arm rests of the recliner, push forward on the arms and lean backwards at the same time, and you will be comfortably relaxing.

Comfortably padded, you will find that the Comhoma gives your back the lumbar support you need and the heat function will soothe aching muscles. 

The convenience of a side pocket and built-in drink holder makes this chair perfect for watching our favorite movie or taking a needed nap. 

Main Features:

  • The Comhoma has a reclining and 8-point massage function
  • Side pocket will hold your book and remote
  • A drink holder will keep your beverage handy
  • Heat function for lumbar comfort
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Five reclining positions


#2. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Leather

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Leather


This is what a power lift recliner chair looks like after the manufacturer took into consideration every need the end-user has. 

This product has undergone multiple updates based on users’ reviews and suggestions and offers both the comfort and the versatility you are looking for. The Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair gives you heat, massage, and cup holders. 

Although it operates on only one motor – both the back and the footrest move at the same time – it offers the napping position most of the standard recliners do with three-position options and 140 degrees reclining angle.

The high-quality faux leather used for its upholstery makes this recliner easy to maintain. You also get five colors to choose from.  As far as the extra options go, you’ll get a cup holder and a side pocket on both sides. 

So, whether you’re watching TV or reading a book, you’ll have storage and a place to keep your beverage at hand.  You’ll also be able to charge your phone or tablet using the two USB ports mounted on one side.

The warm vibrations and massage will only complete the luxury features. The eight vibrating nodes, nine massage modes, and five different intensities will give you multiple options to customize your comfort.

Just make sure you are between 5’1 and 5’9 with a maximum weight of 320 pounds, and you’re ready to go and enjoy this recliner.

Main Features: 

  • TUV certified motor 
  • Eight vibrating nodes, one heating part
  • Nine modes, five intensities
  • High-quality faux leather
  • Dual USB outlets, side pockets, cup holders
  • up to 140 degrees reclining


#3 MCombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Fabric

MCombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Fabric


The overstuffed padding on the Mcombo recliner is soft and comfortable. Having a recliner in your home is definitely like having a soft place to land.

The MCombo gives you the ideal place to feel relaxed and get refreshed while controlling the functions of the chair from the handy remote control. 

The controls will allow you to put the chair into a comfy position for a nap, or even for overnight.  Convenient storage pouches on either side of the chair will hold your remote, cell phone, or the latest book you are reading.

A cup holder will hold your beverage, and the USB port will charge your tablet or mobile devices at the same time that you are enjoying the comfort of the chair.

Main Features:

  • Easy to assemble
  • TUV Lift Motor
  • Reclines 140 degrees
  • Cup Holder
  • USB ports
  • Storage pockets on either side


#4 Irene House Electric Recliner

Irene House Electric Recliner


The Irene House recliner gives you the option of seven different colors and either fabric or faux leather. 

The high-density foam filling makes for a comfortable yet supportive experience when sitting or napping. 

Boasting a solid wood frame, this recliner has quiet dual motors. The reclining features and extended footrest allows you to stretch out and relax fully. 

Side pocket will hold your items while you relax. This chair is ideal for everyday use but especially helpful for someone who is recovering from surgery. 

An essential feature of this recliner is that the dual motor allows you to move the backrest and the footrest independently. 

This adds to the convenience that the chair provides along with the added comfort in any position.

Main features:

  • Two-year warranty on lifting mechanism
  • Three-year warranty on frame
  • Quiet dual motors
  • Supports up to 300 pounds


#5 Canmov Power Lift Recliner Chair

Canmov Power Lift Recliner Chair


The overstuffed pillow design on the back, seat, and armrests of the Canmov make for a soft and comfortable resting place in this recliner. 

Not only is it soft and comfy, the Canmov is upholstered in a resilient microfiber that is also anti-skid. 

The durable metal frame gives this recliner both strength and stability. 

The single motor has a heavy-duty mechanism that allows you to lay back, to lift, or even tilt to stand with ease. 

The smooth adjustments of the Canmov make this recliner even more of a pleasant experience.

The remote control for the chair is uncomplicated with a simple two-button format, one for up and the other for down. 

You can easily activate the transitions between sitting, reclining, and lifting with the ability to stop at any position in between.

Main features:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes in two colors
  • Side pocket
  • Soft, microfiber material
  • One year warranty


In Conclusion

Chairs have come a long way from the ladder back styles of long ago. Spartan in design and comfort, chairs were simply a functional piece of furniture that gave you a place to sit, and nothing more. 

In the late 1800s, people began searching for a bit more comfort after their labors, and medical device companies made some of the earliest recliners for the home. They were advertised as a health aid, one that promoted relaxation as healthy for the body.

The recliner makes of yesteryear were right about relaxation being good for your body. We have since learned that when you relax, it increases the blood flow in your body.  This increased flow of blood slows your heart rate, reduces your blood pressure, and relieves stress and tension. 

This calmer state allows your mind to think clearer, have greater powers of concentration, and better decision making. And when you think of it, your home is your sanctuary, your place to relax, recharge your batteries and refresh your spirit.

 It just makes sense to have the ideal reclining chair in your home to make that space more comfortable and to promote that relaxation that has proven health benefits. 

With one of these electric sleep recliners, you will be able to be comfortable to sit,  take a nap, or even sleep at night in the comfort of your electric recliner.  When you are up and at ‘em, you give your work your all. 

You take on what the day brings and handle every situation as it comes, so when it is your chance to relax, you should take full advantage of an electric reclining chair that will help you make the most of recharging your batteries!

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