Best Drones Under $150. The Basics, Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Drones Under $150. The Basics, Buying Guide And Reviews

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(Last Updated On: April 10, 2022)

We want you to enjoy life, especially life in the city, and that’s exactly why we are going to introduce you to the best drones under $150

It’s great when new technology arrives and then reaches the point where everyone can join in the fun.

Well, not really everyone but those who realize they need to spend some quality time outdoors and need one more reason to do that.


First, let’s look at just what this marvel is. 

A drone is an unpiloted aircraft or spacecraft.  Another fancy name for a drone is an “unmanned aerial vehicle” or UAV.   These UAVs are a component of UAS, an unmanned aircraft system.  

The UAS includes a drone, a ground-based controller, and a system that communicates between the two.  The communication can take place between a human operator or by computer. However, computer operation is used mainly by commercial or military entities. 

Typically, a drone is made of light composite material as this reduces weight and increases maneuverability.  This is particularly important for military drones that need to cruise at high altitudes. 

Some drones are equipped with infrared cameras, GPS, and laser.  They come in a wide variety of sizes, with the largest being used for military purposes. 

Take a quick look at one such military drone; it’s rather impressive — predator drone

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) protects the usage of drones that are under 55 pounds through its regulations that pertain to recreational and hobby use. 

Are Drones Monitored?

There has been a massive uptick in the usage of drones by individuals, companies, farmers, and small businesses to help get work done both faster and at reduced risk. 

In 2018, there were over one million drones registered in the United States.  Almost 900,000 of those registered drones were for hobbyists.  Upon registering, a hobbyist receives one identification number regardless of how many drones they own.

There were also 122,000 commercial, public, and other drones, which are individually registered. This link will also open your eyes to more statistics on drones. 

Before you set your sights on the skies, make sure to check national and regional regulations on operating a drone in your area. 

Drone Stats electric bike

How Hard It Is To Fly a Drone?

Like most anything else, you will have to learn how to operate your drone before you can use it successfully.  And, like anything else, some models are more user-friendly than others.

A friend of a friend got his 70-year-old dad a drone for his birthday.  Within a day or two, he was operating it and sending his son Arial videos of the home his son had grown up in.

My point is that if this less tech-savvy guy can do it, there is hope for the rest of us.

I have heard two suggestions that make sense.  The first is that there are video games that simulate flying a drone and will help you get used to the controls.

Secondly, purchase an inexpensive model to learn on.  It is better to see a cheap drone take a dive than it is to see a couple of hundred of your dollars buy the farm. 

Later in this article, we will show you some of the best drones for under $150. 

This article shows how to’s of the take-off and landing of your drone, doing it the right way.

How Many Type of Drones Are There?

Please understand that this article will not be an exhaustive summary, but an overview. There are three basic types of drones, multirotor, fixed-wing, and single rotor helicopter. 

Multirotor Drones

Multi Rotor Drone In Big City

A multirotor is the most popular type of drone and is used by both hobbyists and professionals. This type of drone gives the user more control over the positioning and framing of the camera. 

There had been a financial consideration with a multirotor. Still, the advancement of cell phone technology has benefited the drone industry regarding cost and the size of components. 

Multirotors can have three rotors (tri-copters), four rotors (quadcopters) or six rotors (hexacopters), and eight rotors (hexacopters).  The quadcopters are the most popular and widely used. 

Most of the energy that a drone uses keeps the drone in a stable flying position. As the power comes from the battery, the maximum flying time is only about 20 to 30 minutes. 

A few of the best drones under $150 are available to both the hobbyist and the newbie.  That list is coming up shortly.  

Fixed Wing Drones

Fixed Rotor Drone In The city

A fixed-wing drone uses the same principle that airplanes use to generate lift.  The drone uses wings instead of the vertical thrust generated by rotors.  

These drones can travel long distances and can stay in closer proximity over points of interest. They can use gasoline engines, and because of this advantage, they can stay in the air for over 15 hours. 

The fixed-wing drone does have drawbacks for the hobbyist.  This drone cannot hover, which puts them out of the game for taking aerial photos or videos. 

Both are taking off, and landing can be difficult.  You need a runway or catapult to launch them.  To recover them, you will need a runway, parachute, or net.  

They are both costly and difficult to learn how to fly. Learning to operate a fixed-wing is not for the weak, and their desirability has been eclipsed by the multirotor that are cheaper and easier to fly.

Single Rotor Helicopter Drone

Single Rotor Helicopter Drone

Where a multi-rotor uses several rotors, a single rotor (as the name applies) uses just one rotor to generate a vertical lift.  A tail rotor controls the heading.  

These types of drones are used primarily in manned aviation; they are rarely used in the hobbyist community, but it is worth mentioning.  

A single-rotor helicopter is harder to operate than a multi-rotor. Still, it is not as difficult as a fixed-wing drone.  The skills needed to operate this drone can be learned as you go, but they are not as stable when flying them.

These drones also require more mechanical maintenance because they are more complex than a multi-rotor. 

Fixed Wings Hybrids

Man Holding a Fixed Wing Drone

Hybrid drones are a relatively new invention.  They were created to combine the longer flight times of a fixed-wing drone with the vertical take-off and landing of a single or multirotor. 

Also known as VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) once airborne, these same propellers change orientation to provide horizontal propulsion.

The result is a drone that can fly with the efficiency of a fixed-wing drone but can take off and land anywhere like a rotary-wing drone.

Currently, there are a limited number of these types of drones on the market, and their cost is high.

One example of this type of design is Amazon’s Prime Air delivery drone.  As advances in this technology are achieved, they will come within reach of the general public. 

Foldable Drone

Man Holding a Foldable Drone in His Hand

Fairly new on the market is a foldable drone. The obvious difference between a foldable drone and one with motor arms is that the arms can be folded to the sides of the drone when it is not in use. 

The advantage is that they are easier to store and transport.  Some can even fit in your pocket.  The majority of foldable drones have the same features that their less flexible cousins do.  ​

One of the drones in our pick for best drones under $150 is one that is foldable. 

Water Drone

Two Men Preparing to launch an underwater drone

A niche category of drones, they are growing in popularity very quickly.  They are referred to as ROVs (remotely operated vehicles), and their target audience is professional users. 

Professionals use them for filmmaking, scientific research, exploration, and ship inspections. Most water drones are also equipped with headlamps for visibility below water. 

These drones have to be tethered to a floating beacon or buoy by a cable at the surface of the water.  This makes sure that the drone does not take an extended vacation at sea. 

We have listed five drones under $150 for you to consider.  It is a small price to pay for a lot of fun and entertainment.  

In the descriptions below, you will see “headless mode” mentioned as a feature.  This does not mean you have to be a horseman to operate it; it means that it’s a method implemented on a drone that allows the pilot to give up worrying about orientation. 

It’s pretty simple, before taking off, you are required to position the drone so that its front is your front. 

Our Reviews of The Best Drones Under $150

DroneCameraFoldableHeadless Mode
Potensic T25 1080P HDNOYES
Holy Stone HS110D1080P HDNOYES
Holy Stone GPS1080P HDYESYES

We have put together a list of the best drones under $150.  Any of these will get you started learning a new, fun skill.  You will be able to amaze your friends and look like a hotshot while doing so. 

SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV Drone with 720P HD Camera

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07GPNZSMY&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=nobleurban 20&language=en US electric bike

This drone is a perfect starter drone.  In reading about learning to fly a drone, it was recommended that you start with an inexpensive model.  That way, if you fly it into a nearby tree, you have not lost a unit that costs hundreds. 

Even so, this drone has four anti-collision barriers that make the drone tough enough for minor collisions, especially on the four corners where the propellers are.

This unit is user-friendly, simply pressing one button will allow you to launch or land the drone.  It does have smart voice control and headless mode.

The built-in six-axis gyroscope holds the altitude and the position of the aircraft; it makes the video shooting and photograph taking more stable.

It also has a “gesture” function. Tap “YEAH” to activate. When you face the camera and make a “YEAH” gesture within a distance of 2-3m between you and the camera, the camera takes one photo; when you make a “PALM” gesture, the camera starts recording. Pretty cool!


Potensic T25 GPS Drone, FPV RC Drone with Camera 

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07CSG9R72&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=nobleurban 20&language=en US electric bike

Different from the most common six-axis gyro quadcopter, this Potensic T25 GPS drone adopts advanced nine-axis gyro. That is more wind-resistant and steady during flight, which makes the pictures and videos you recorded clearer. 

The GPS positioning on this drone allows for accurate positioning.  It also provides an automatic return, low power return and a no signal return. 

Great features to have!  You can follow the drone with your smartphone, it has headless mode, altitude hold, and one-key-take off. 

Under the GPS mode, the drone will automatically follow the APP signal of your mobile phone, ensuring it captures the image as you go.


Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC Drone with 1080P HD Camera

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B078WKT1HL&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=nobleurban 20&language=en US electric bike

Altitude hold function helps to grasp fly skills in a short time and take better pics. One key start/landing enables you to get a quick start.  Headless Mode makes it easy to identify direction.

Gravity Sensor Mode allows the user to control the drone by holding and moving the smart phone accordingly.  

1080P 120°HD Modular Camera takes high-resolution pics & videos and sends real-time images to the phone App.  Speak out “Fly / Land / Forward / Backward / Left / Right / Stop” and the drone will do as per your instructions.

Draw a route on your app then the drone will fly along the path you set.  Make gestures, and the camera will start to work. Paper means recording Video; Scissors means taking Photo.


Holy Stone GPS Drone FPV Drones with Camera for Adults 1080P HD

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07R1X8K9D&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=nobleurban 20&language=en US electric bike

This drone features an ergonomic and foldable design, making it convenient to carry and store. The controls are simple so that it is easy for beginners to pick up in a snap.

Press one button on the drone remote control or app, and send the drone to flight, land return, or even follow a desired route. You can also use the app to set it circling an object.

5G real-time data transmission technology brings in better video quality and anti-interference performance, which improves the image transmission distance up to 820 feet (outdoor and unobstructed). You can see the beautiful landscape on your smartphone.



Drone Rules electric bike

There are rules and regulations for operating a drone.  But you knew that already.  

We had mentioned previously that the FAA could not effectively monitor drone usage in the United States. That being said, ignorance of the law has never been a defense in a US court of law.

If you are considering owning and operating a drone, get informed at the same time.  You can learn more about drone laws in the US by visiting this page on the FAA’s website.

Here are the general rules for flying a drone in the US.

What Are The Drone Hobbyist Rules?

  • Register your drone  FAADroneZone website
  • Fly in line of sight
  • Follow community-based safety guidelines 
  • The drone must be under 55 pounds
  • Fly in Class G airspace  This Is How Class G Airspace Works
  • Do not fly near other aircraft
  • Do not fly near emergency response efforts

Commercial Drone Rules

  • You must have aRemote Pilot Certificate issued by the FAA to fly commercially
  • Register your UAV with the FAA on the FAADroneZone website
  • The drone must weigh less than 55 pounds, including payload, at take-off
  • Fly in Class G airspace  This Is How Class G Airspace Works
  • UAV within visual line-of-sight.
  • Fly at or below 400 feet
  • Fly during daylight or civil twilight
  • Fly at or under 100 mph
  • Yield right of way to manned aircraft
  • Do not fly directly over people
  • Do not operate from a moving vehicle

The legislation concerning drones is different from state to state in the United States and internationally.  

If you are unsure of rules about where to fly, visit this site, top places to fly your drone, and you will get some guidelines. An app called  B4UFLY  can be used in real-time to see if there are any restrictions in the area you are interested in flying in on any day or time.

There is also a master list of drone laws by country. You can find out if you need to register if you need a license, and if you can even bring that drone into the country.

Remember that laws can change, and do so regularly. If you have any doubts, check with that entity’s aviation regulatory agency’s website to be sure.  

How Should Drones Be Used in Urban Areas?

White Drone Flying In New York City by the Brooklyn Bridge

In the United States, drones can be flown in urban areas where it is legal under 14 CFR Part 107 rules.

These rules allow an operator to fly more than 400 feet above ground level as long as the drone stays within 400 feet from a building.

Although possible, doing so means that the operator has conducted a risk assessment, has identified potential hazards, and has formulated a set of emergency procedures in case all does not go according to plan. 

This undertaking should not be taken lightly as operating a drone in crowded spaces carries risks, such as signal loss caused by magnetic field interference and the difficulties of piloting the wind tunnels that exist between high-rise buildings. 

The bottom line is this: it is your responsibility to know how to fly your drone safely no matter where you are flying.  In crowded areas, you are risking hurting others if you are not cautious. 


Drones are used for many different purposes.  Here are a few.

Commercial Uses of Drones – Real Estate, Construction, Agriculture and Delivery.

If you have a small drone that is less than 55 pounds, you can fly for work or business by following the Part 107 guidelines.  We have listed some of the requirements and links to more information above. 

Real estate agents can use drones to create videos of properties that make a better presentation to prospective owners.  Touring a large property can capture all areas of interest. 

Marketing purposes also benefit from drones.  Golf courses, resorts, and destination spots can create spectacular video presentations to showcase their venues.

Oil companies, wind engineers, and other types of inspectors can use drones in situations or areas that might be hazardous for humans.  Especially in remote areas, such as Alaskan pipelines, these drones can perform inspections without needing to bring in heavy equipment. 

Farmers can also benefit from using drones. They can identify drainage issues or irrigation problems.  They can also see how crops are growing in all or part of their fields, quickly and accurately.  This saves their time and can help them concentrate their efforts where needed. 

Drones have been used for security surveillance to both track and apprehend criminals.  They can also be used on college campuses to survey for any type of abnormal activity.  Other facilities have used drones to provide escorts for employees at night, along with surveying parking lots. 

Special events and weddings

Wedding Photography Drones Are Very Popular in 2020

Drones offer the possibility of capturing memories like never before. They can give you (at outdoor events) dynamic views that otherwise would be unable to achieve. 

A critical tool for locating people, drones were first employed for search and rescue in 2014. They have been used in areas ravaged by fire, flood, or other natural disasters. 

Specially equipped drones have sensors like infrared that can be used to find people by their heat signatures.  Besides, streaming video can be used to identify people in distress visually. The GPS on a drone gives rescuers the precise location of a person in need, saving time and lives.  

Special Delivery by Drone

Delivery Drone electric bike

It is the wave of the future, with Google and Amazon both in the process of establishing their programs for special delivery. Google plans to use Project Wing to help deliver supplies to people in remote areas of the world. 

Amazon’s drone delivery will be using advanced imaging technology to safely deliver packages to locations, like front porches or driveways. 

Surveillance by Drones

Surveillance Drone electric bike

Another commercial endeavor where drones are used is surveillance.  Flying over hundreds of acres while taking pictures and video, these drones can map elevation changes, locate water and flow patterns, and detect the presence of resources. 

Processing and analyzing the information can be done in a shorter length of time as the process is automated with drones. 

Read more about how commercial usage of drones is escalating.  The Drone Market and Industry Trends

Personal Uses of Drones

The personal use of drones is only limited by the rules and regulations for operating a drone, and the imagination of the operator.

Drone Stats 10 electric bike

The pure entertainment factor of a drone is a significant draw to owning and operating one.  The primary personal use of a drone is for photography, both still and video. A drone can achieve vantage points that might be impossible to reach otherwise.

Some use a drone for home security, or to monitor children.  You could create a virtual tour of your home or activities for others to see. 

While on vacation, you could create stunning videos or take one-of-a kind pictures to share and to keep those incredible memories alive.

Few of us are foreign to social media; it is another fact of life.  Your presence on social media could have the “wow” factor with the use of your drone, capturing and sharing those moments in an incredible way. 

Drone Aerial View electric bike

Some high-end drones will allow you to stream your flight footage right to a mobile device. This is called FPV (First Person View). Your phone/tablet will display exactly what the camera on your drone is seeing.

There are even FPV-dedicated goggles that you can wear to isolate the view (though it’s a good idea to have a spotter with a direct line-of-sight on the drone).

If you like to compete, you might want to look into drone racing. A national drone racing championship has already been established.  DRL (Drone Racing League) is a professional league that operates internationally. 

Drone Racing electric bike

Launched in January of 2016, DRL pilots race with identical, custom-built drones through a three-dimensional course with speeds about 80 miles per hour.  DRL is broadcast on Twitter, NBC, NBC Sports, Sky Sports, and FOX Sports Asia, among others. 

The championship season features seven races in various global locations such as Nice, France, Munich, Germany, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Check the league out here.  Drone Racing League  It would be an excellent thing to turn your talent into fun on a global scale. 

Military Uses of Drones

Military Drones electric bike

The primary use of drones today is by the military sector.  Drones are used as target decoys, in research and development, on combat missions, and for supervision.  

Although according to the definition, these were not drones, an argument for the precursor of the drone can be made for the balloons used in 1849 Venice, Italy.  When fighting for independence from Austria,  Venice was attacked by the use of hot-air balloons equipped with bombs. 

1935 saw a full-size retooling of the de Havilland DH82B “Queen Bee” biplane. It was fitted with a radio and servo-operated controls in the back seat.

While a human from the front seat could pilot the plane, it was mainly flown unmanned and used for target practice by artillery gunners in training. The term “drone” dates to this first use, a play on the “Queen Bee.”

During the early years of drones in the military, they were used to act as spying decoys and to drop leaflets.  In 1982, drone military drone use came into its own when the Israeli Air force used drones to defeat the Syrian fleet with minimal losses of their own. 

Since then, drones have been a mainstay in the military, playing critical roles in intelligence. Drones provide surveillance and force protection, artillery spotting, target following, and acquisition, along with battle damage assessment and surveillance, as well as for weaponry.

Goldman Sachs has released a report stating that military spending will be the primary source for drone spending in the coming years. Goldman estimates that global militaries will spend $70 billion on drones by 2020.  Keep in mind that a single US Predator drone costs about $4 million. 

 If you have a  minute, look at the Goldman report, scrolling down to view “A day in the life of a commercial drone,”  Very interesting to watch. 

Will Drones Save the World? Benefits of Having a Drone

Drone Benefits electric bike

We have mentioned several of the ways that drones have changed our lives, from the extra security they provide through military use, to assist with jobs that pose risks for workers, surveying dangerous areas, and apprehending dangerous individuals along with search and rescue.

The majority of the people I have spoken with who own or have operated a drone, the answer to the benefit of having a drone, is that they are just plain fun.   They get you out of the house and help you see your world in a whole new way, and from a perspective, your grounded human form can’t achieve. 

Pros and Cons For Drones

As with almost anything, there are two sides to this technology.  It all depends on how we use it. Here is a brief list of those pros and cons.  We are sure that more could be added both ways. 


  1. Hobbists love them
  2. They can serve as an early warning system in natural disasters
  3. They can take down military opponents without endangering those in control
  4. Drones will soon be able to deliver orders from Amazon, but more importantly, medical supplies in urgent situations
  5. The press could report on volatile global news without having to put themselves in harm’s way. 


  1. Drone attacks can neutralize a clear and present threat, but they can also spray and kill innocent civilians
  2. In the hands of the wrong people, drones could be used to carry out small and medium-scale terrorist attacks
  1. Many consider that the drone flying overhead is an invasion of privacy
  2. An errant drone came within 20 feet of a passenger jet plane as it was making its landing at Heathrow International Airport in London
  3. Some war experts believe that drone attacks could desensitize pilots to the realities of death, and reduce bloodshed to a video game reality     

What’s the Future of Drones? Predictions

Future Drones electric bike

What does the future hold for drones?  We will have to wait to find out, but we already have a few indicators.  Future of Drones: Applications & Uses of Drone Technology in 2020

The 2020 Consumer Electronics Show kicked off in Las Vegas, Nevada, in early January.  There were a plethora of drone products and discussions.  Over 150 exhibitors were directly related to drone products and information.

Some of the new introductions were drones that could fly for two hours and charge in just 10 minutes.  Doosan Mobility demoed the world’s first commercial hydrogen fuel cell powerpack for drones, the Doosan DP30 Powerpack.

The company DroneDek unveiled its patented drone mailbox.  It is a “smart delivery receptacle” that is designed for drone delivery.  The mailbox has a sensor-equipped, fully autonomous landing pad that can secure packages, so that weather, animals or thieves don’t take or destroy it. 

Experts including FAA Executive Director Jay Merkle and DJI Director of Public Safety Integration Wayne Baker explored how companies and professions build drone workflows into their operations for daring, dangerous, or difficult jobs.

FOX News Channel drone pilot and producer Rebecca Kesten, and Katie O’Leary, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at DroneDeploy discussed how TV and film businesses are working drones into their productions.

In Conclusion

This is not the first you have heard of drones, and it surely won’t be the last.  Much like other tech gadgets that have sprung up in recent years, drones are here to stay.  They will be evolving in the same way our computers and phones have.  

As with any other innovation, introduce yourself to the technology and decide for yourself if, and how, you want to include it in your life.  

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