4 Home Automation Ideas On a Budget

Home Automation Ideas On a Budget Featured electric bike

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(Last Updated On: May 26, 2022)

Looking for home automation ideas on a budget? You’re in the right place.

The recent years saw the rise of smart home devices you can use to make life more comfortable at home. These devices are deemed useful as most homes, especially in the US, have at least one of these at home and are being utilized in the household.

When you think about it, converting your home into a smart home is ideal. It gives you the ability to control the things around your house — from speakers, clocks, lights, surveillance cameras, doorbells, windows, and a lot more — with just a click on your phones or computer. You can even control them with just your voice.


This is essentially useful to those working from home or who are on the go and don’t have the luxury of time to do everything manually. Do you want to close the door? No need to go there directly. You need to access the smart lock connected to your smart device. It is that easy.

But are smart home devices use to automate your home cheaply? Not all but thanks to the demand, you can have access to affordable devices and have total control over home automation without breaking the bank. Check some cool home automation ideas on a budget below. 

Light automation.

Smart lights are widely available, and they come at low prices. They are also easy to install and maintain. With smart lights, the idea is that you can turn on and turn off or control the lights on your home with single app control. Here are some recommended smart light products you can use at home.

Philip’s Hue.

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If you are starting to automate the lights in your home, Philip’s Hue is a great product to choose from. It is Bluetooth compatible and can be connected to Alexa or Google Home. You can control up to 10 lights with just the app, and you can set the on and off function and the dimer function to help you.

Ring A19 Smart LED Bulb.

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The Ring offers an affordable automation system for your home. You can connect the Ring A19 smart LED Bulb to your Ring Bridge to control it via the app or voice command through smart assistants. With the Ring system, you can connect the lights with the Ring doorbells and cameras for a fully connected smart home security system. A Ring Bridge can support up to 50 Ring Smart Lighting devices, including motion sensors.

Security automation.

Aside from smart locks, there are also many good quality smart home cameras being offered in the market today. They were designed to help you develop good security home automation. These cameras are equipped with smart sensors or presence detection to update you. Below are just some of the recommended security automation systems for a home for beginners. 

Blue by ATD Starter Plus System.

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This starter pack is affordable and very easy to install, perfect for beginners. It lets you monitor your home via the ATD app. It contains door and window sensors and motion sensors. 

SimplySafe Home Security System.

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This brand offers complete security at an affordable rate. You can choose from 5 up to 12 pieces of security devices for your home. This includes the security base station keypad, motion sensor, entry sensor, camera, key fob, and panic button. 

Audio automation.

Smart home assistants like Google Nest, Google Home, or Amazon’s Echo sure do know how to give aid when needed. These home assistants are smart speakers that work through voice-recognition. Here, you can ask things you need just like searching on your computer. These devices can also be connected with other smart devices and help you in your home automation system, such as turning the lights on or off. 

Google Home.

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This smart assistant device is excellent for doing research. If you are working from home or studying, this might be your perfect companion. It also allows you to make a voice-activated call and other activities you can do on your phone with just your voice. It can be connected to various devices as well.

Amazon Echo

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This device is excellent if you are a heavy Amazon user or subscribe to Amazon services such as Prime, Videos, and Music. Also, the Echo offers great compatibility with other smart home devices as well. The Echo remains the first and the leader in the smart assistant market, and it generally has more sales. It is also available in more regions than Google Home. It can very well do research, answer questions, stream music, and a lot more. 

Smart cleaning devices.

If you don’t have the time to tidy up your home because you are swamped with work to do, there are many smart cleaning gadgets to help you with chores. These devices can help you save time, too, when you have a lot to take care of.

Smart robot vacuumiRobot Roomba i3+

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Robot vacuums navigate on their own, and you don’t have to literary touch it to do its job. You need to set and control it via the app available. Imagine all the time you will save with this device. 

Air purifierCoway Airmega 400

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Air purifiers are proven to be beneficial at home, especially during flu season. It helps clean the air indoors and aids in getting rid of dust and nasty smell around the house. There are smart air purifiers available where you can control via their app.


If you are looking to develop your home automation system but are working on a budget, know that you can always find something that will suit your budget with the many smart devices available in the market. Many beginner’s packs work equally well with unique home automation brands like Elan, Creston, or Savant. You can also install these devices yourself and do everything on the various apps that come along with it. Yes, your dream of having total control home automation is still possible on a budget. 

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